DIY Garden Bullet Journal

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LovelyGgg1 L says:

I will probably use this

Miss Chey says:


Meghan Ushman says:

This is a good idea. It’s hard to remember when to plant each different item and what kind of care they need. I would probably combine flowers, produce, and herbs into one spread to save space and would go even more minimalist.

Sheherbano art senter Khan says:


Emily Patrick says:

Love you videos

Studying Prem says:

Calming music with the spread. Ah yes, so peaceful…

isabella ferro says:

Do a plant drying tutorial

Mr. Cold says:

The song makes me cry

Adriana Correia says:

I don’t think I’ll be needing a garden journal, but I just started a garden in my backyard. The journal is a great idea though. I might make one as soon as I’m done planting the first well plants.

Eira Saraff says:

The music was A M A Z I N G

Renata ARMY says:

I want a garden

DAVE Jones says:


Karyll Racho says:

I would cry if I had made a mistake on that with a pen

Terrarium Crafts says:

Love it!

Yi Xin Wang says:

Omg I always get so exited about new bullet journal videos!!!

Freddie Aulton says:

tomato is a fruit

FaraFox says:

Imagine if someone did that thing at 3:35 and lost the journal before finding it 10 years later and their just sitting there, afraid to open the pouch thinking there’s gonna be a butterfly’s corpse in there…

Stefania Raco says:

This is so aestethic and beautiful! I would like to try this but my calligraphy sucks..

Primrose Lestervy says:

The music is beautiful

Savina Arangelova says:


AlieX lps says:

Its so beauty



Meredith Dycus says:

This is so relaxing

아가새Muz says:

sorry but this is so unnecessary lmao

Darianna Parra says:

I LOVE THIS! I didn’t know I needed or wanted this in my life, but I do <3

Mariana Menezes says:

Primeira s2

Katie Graber says:

Do a bullet journal for recipes and cooking!

Emily Patrick says:

Please shout me out

Grace Giglio says:

Sorry but whoever actually goes and makes this has way to much time on their hands

Jesselyn Jackson says:

I will probably never use this in my life, but I love watching it!!

AviDragonLady says:

I don’t have a yard, but this was very satisfying to watch.

jane bo says:

this is so unnecessary but fun to watch

Ewa Lak says:


Dyan Anggraeni says:

Its fun to watch

sjaizhdbnajusbens shauausbwbk says:

It’s so systematic and well tabulated. Salute !

Juliean Belizaire says:

Can you sell it tho. I would buy

Jose Reyes Bonilla says:

I want to make but at the same time I’m probably gonna forget about the garden and the book leaving it to die

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