DIY Garden Bench Project – Pallet and Cable Reel Furniture

How to make a simple garden bench out of a empty cable reel and a couple of pallets for your garden. A cheap and simple pallet furniture project involving basic workshop tools that most of you have got. Under $1 Ive costed this at, basically 10 screws, everything else was upcycled and reclaimed. A fine use of a pallet, much better than firewood for the wqodburner or stove 😉

Facebook pallet picture album page here –

I used the welder to make bolts from the existing threaded rods that held the cable drum together but you could just as easily buy or recycle long coach bolts. Routing the washers and nuts into the sides though is a nice touch.

I used a variety of tools, started off with a cheap jigsaw, this cut the pallets ok but died on the second one and would have no chance of cutting the thick slighty damp cable drum ends. The evolution rage 7 was a good purchase and chewed its way through them. For more info on evolution power tools visit here, seem really good value for the money –

Makita angle grinders, the router and the cordless drill all came into use. Great work horses although i killed my makita jigsaw and belt sander. The belt sander is the biggest loss, a very versatile tool but very expensive to replace, i need to drop it off at Townsends to see if it can be repaired but i think the motors goosed.

A Mcallister drill i think with a half inch or more auger bit, corded drills are good when it comes to drilling large and deep holes.

The Electra Beckum radial arm mitre saw is a tool that is becoming cheaper and a must have workshop item for anyone whos manufacturing. The slot i cut to hold the bracket is snug, perfectly square and that joint can be adapted to so many other projects and add stability where its used.

A cheap belt sander from Argos, it might be a Challenge brand, 40 grit belt used just to take off any splinters, burrs and for rounding off the corners to give it a more tactile feel.

Thanks for watching, feel free to use my idea for your own project, my ideas come from a mixture of your suggestions, things i see on the internet and my own gray matter.

Have a look at my latest DIY Pallet coffee table with Lichtenberg Figure and Glow in the dark resin here!

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All the best, Bongo, thePoultryPeople
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Nilo Silva says:

Ótimo video

Sergio Kiwon says:

I’m from Brazil
very good
muito bom

The Bambi says:

Loved the Vid man !
And your psychotic Cat 😀

Andrei Tiby says:

nota 10

Алексей Алексеев says:

ну и правильно.прочь понты, даешь честную необходимость!)

Welliton b silva says:

boa ideia mesmo

Chuck Backus says:

That’s what he gets for making all that noise in the cat’s territory. Cats let you live in THEIR space – but as Alpha Male cat – will ‘tweak’ you to show you who is boss. And he resents you getting all the attention, too. Cat Nip will calm him down – GET SOME!

David Teney says:

nice chair very clever but you should have shown how you fell backwards on it just guessing

taxi 1966 says:

Bongo I could watch you all day mate what an amazing idea thank you so much. Asbo for the cat lol

Anthohy Roso says:

Nice one dude Were do i buy one of them no break J/Saw blades&JigSaw sets.haha.Evo-Salution .?

Johnny Kelly says:

I am just getting into wood working and I must tell you that I think you are amazing. I love how nothing is exact measurements and it is all just putting things together and making something out of nothing. Amazing. Thank you for sharing these amazing videos.

rtbzero22 says:

dude! Awesome job, what a great ideal , love it!!

rasputia blank says:

I knew the comment section would be filled w / cat comments too

Simon Brown says:

evil cat lol

Neuza Leite says:

ótima ideia achei lindo os móveis e também as idéias

Fabrizio Vultaggio says:

wow!!! bellissima idea! good job!

Michael Hurley says:

should have left it as a rocker

ComputerUser321 says:


A Rey says:

Very nice… Great Job!!

Andreia Cerdan says:

lindo! amei!

TheGromitube says:

muy lindo diseño ! buena idea ! gracias por compartir, saludos desde Argentina !
beautiful place to enjoy
if you play with animals, animals played with you, ja ja ja..your wife laughs….ja jajaj

PraiseTheZeus says:

Crazy cat : )

aleksandr aleksandr says:

понравилось , наклон назад чуть чуть побольше бы.

Gareth Wiltshire says:

Terry Pratchett, spot on good man ,good work . Thank you best of luck.

MrCrosbygrandpa says:

Excellent work, pal. You’re talented for sure. I had no idea this could be done. Great video.

Александр ForestLamp says:

Look at original works of wood.

osman gürol çamlıbel says:

good working.

Mr KHAOS says:

Cat pinus ^_^

a man in glastonbury here says:

lol your cat, who needs a guard dog.

hydrolisk1792 says:

cat sits there licking his nuts instead of helping!

Бодрый ДеД says:

This is Were good aides

KaleidoscopeJunkie says:

Awesome bench ! The finish is the perfect way to show it off.
Your cat has a master plan. He’s going to blind you so that you’ll have more time available for wrangling.

Dimitris Dimitriou says:

well done!!! nice bench!!!! cat has some excess of hormones

rasputia blank says:

That chair is lovely

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