DIY Garden Beds | How to make raised garden planters for a deck

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crackelvd says:

Nice project but aren’t you worried about the wood can rot?

IceTurf says:

😛 Brings all the wildlife to the yard

Sunil Chauhan says:

Out of curiousity, where in the world are you?

Phoenix Steel says:

I’ve seen people paint stones red when growing strawberries. They place these red stones in the strawberry patch and birds come to feed on them ,but when they try they realise that they cant eat them. Then when the strawberries finally do grow, the birds leave them alone because they think they cant eat them. just a thought.

Steve S says:

Fake snakes. Get a small section of TV cable, make a head and pointed tail using electrical tape, and paint some horizontal white stripes every several inches with a paper stencil and spray paint. Move to a different position when you water.

Eventually a squirrel may figure it out in which case I say give that one an air rifle pellet.

k4rg0d00d13 says:

you could make a chicken wire cube that stacks on top and barely interlocks…wood frame with posts on the inside of the frame to build up, with chicken wire around the sides and a smaller, lighter wood frame top.

Miguel Angelo Urbiztondo says:

Did you ever come up with a solution for the birds and squirrels?

Naomi Muller says:

I think you can get some kind of device at petstores that sends out a low frequency sound scaring off birds and such, but I dont know for sure. you could check it out

David Hengen says:

hey for the birds you can try getting one of those fake predatory birds and place it by your boxes. Depending on your region, the best bird to use would vary. We use them at my work to keep birds from nesting in our workshops. Good luck

Carlos Ballena says:

Ha! Birds win 🙂 Great video!

Jonathan Ramirez says:

Hi! Do you use any special coat on the wood, doesn’t it rotten after long exposure to water and sun?

HARRIS yuyu says:

… do not keep birds away …they are beautiful and tiny stomach is hungry ….

Andres Daza says:

Very cool! Try using an owl statue to scare off other birds.

Matthew Joseff says:

maybe a scarecrow?

The Bored Show says:

Wow, Great Job. Hopefully I can learn to be this handy someday soon!

DoctorMeh says:

umm, I’d worry that was going to rot your decking. I like it though, overbuilt makes it look great

JKP0P says:

Home garden patches illegal in NZ FeelsBadMan.

Sargent Rooster says:

I think you could use the same chicken wire and some 2X4 and create a box around it!

MsZahori45 says:

Look on the bright side… You’ve created a habit for the wildlife!

Saileach says:

Great vid! I love blueberries, hard to get the bushes where I live. How will you keep the critters out?

Scrap wood City says:

Nice project! Cool for growing mint for mojitos before the roof party! 🙂

Making Stuff says:

haha the birds like HELL YEA!

Kadie Rose says:

This is perfect! I’m moving to another military base and anything you do to the backyard has to be removed when you leave, so planting a garden never seemed worth it, but now with these planter beds, it’ll be so much easier. 🙂

Mike Barnes says:

Great video as always. I started blueberry bushes in raised beds a few years ago. You’ll have to prune these often to keep them from growing into each other. PVC piping with bird netting is pretty much the common way to go. It isn’t pretty, but if you make a removable system you only have to have it up for a few weeks whilst the berries are ripe. Also expect a low yield of berries next year as the plants will put energy in establishing roots. Thanks again! BTW, I built your outdoor sofa last week, very happy with it.

Aye says:

very nice, this deck will look even cooler with planters!

alphasxsignal says:

They will all fall apart since not treated.

Aydan Metsch says:

If you want to scare the birds away, hang old CDs with no stickers on strings above it; birds are scared of it when they spin

Martin Larsson says:

I didn’t quite understand that part about drainage. Is the landscape fabric letting water through?

Birute00 says:

Turned out great. Laughed on your comment about the blueberry buffet for the birds and squirrels. So True

cervantes620 says:

Could this also be used as a sandbox? Maybe make some adjustments?

Martin Edelius says:

I understand why you chose untreated lumber but from my experience you need to protect it one way or another or your garden beds will rot. At least mine did after roughly 4-5 years.

I’ve seen builds where they simply cover the insides with plastic but in my opinion that will trap moisture and destroy the wood as well. Painting the beds, both on the outside as well as the inside, with a paint free of toxic chemicals and then cover the inside with plastic could be one way to get the protection you need as well as avoid any dangerous chemicals.

As of now this is the way I’m going to do it when I redo my beds. Time will tell if it’s a good idea. 🙂

Bonnie Chan says:

Oh yummy!

Jenna Sookun says:

Which Fabric do you use ??

Robin Lewis says:

You need a scarecrow!

Miylandra says:

oh my god the blueberry buffet XD

Indra Yudha Kusuma says:

omg i hope i have a brother like you and could make that for me lol i dont have any of those tools

Pat Smitherman says:

To keep the birds away from the blueberries, put a couple of tall stakes in the beds with string tied across. Then attach aluminum pie pans to the string so that they spin and sway in the breeze. Works great.

Alessandro Hamuche says:

Make a scarecrow!! Haha

baljeet ahluwalia says:


Matt Diresta says:

nice and simple! love it

Andres Felipe Sierra says:

hi. i love your videos, look at aquaponics is very nice systems to have a better organic garden

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