DIY FREE All Natural Raised Bed Garden!

Here’s an easy DIY way to create FREE raised beds for your garden!


Brighids Garden says:

Excellent, I hauled some big rocks to edge my hugelkultur bed, a wattle fence sure would have been easier, haha. It was still free though and that’s always a good thing 🙂

Massachusetts Prepper says:

It looks like everything is doing fantastic in your natural raised bed garden. I really like the idea that you have of building these mounds up so you don’t to bend over quite as much. Some great information in this video for sure. Thanks for sharing and I am a new subscriber to your channel.

Mugsy Makes says:

Thanks for the information. I really like how these look. I look forward to seeing some vining plants grow up the sticks too.

Judith Bisson says:

How large is your property ?

ceramictiletonight says:


Ryan Atkinson says:

love your design

Cathy West says:

The mulberry wattle looks beautiful.

Sonnie's Garden says:


NJCali Gardener says:

I have a makeshift raise bed and I recently took a stump some branches mulch and leaves and made a tiny hugelkulture area I have my corn and Bush beans growing in that spot and I’m starting to see great results

differentstones says:

Good idea to line the inside of the wattle fencing with the native clay soil!

Fahrul Fahrul says:

I like this

Garden love says:

Great information! Great for the plants, great way to repurposed, and its artistic. Love it. Thanks

Angie's Pantry says:

Pretty cool… Hope you have a awesome holiday Weekend.. :”)

Frutíferas em vaso PB says:

Very good, beautiful plants

Be And It Is Homestead says:

Cool. I have avolunteer fruitless mulberry. I was subconsciously trying to decide if i should keep or not. You just added to the why i should keep column

Farmer Jones says:

Thank you David The Good. You are top notch sir. Not many awarenof waddle…( duck imvolved) haha. Sir would you sell me some comfrey root? Will send prepaid mailer. I am creating an urban micro farm. Thank you.

donna flores says:

Two thumbs up! Love it, and those sticks are the perfect size for a rocket stove 🙂

Karin Vue says:

Makes me wanna go to my garden every time I watch your videos, love your gardening style, so natural using all components of garden and yard waste. Thank you for the motivation

Gooseberry Homestead says:

Good idea using hazel fencing to create hugel beds.

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