DIY Elevated Garden Bed

In this video I make a DIY Elevated Garden Bed for the back patio. I wanted to plant some lettuce and a few other herbs and ended up working out perfectly. I used tongue and groove cedar boards to make the outside of the bed, and raised it using 4×4 posts. This was a very simple project that I did in about 2 hours total. I hope you enjoy!

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DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Poster Hanger

Triangle Shelves

– 2×6 cedar boards (tongue and groove paneling)
– 1×4 cedar boards
– 4×4 (cedar if you have access to it)
– 2″ wood screws
– Steel wire fencing (1/4″ holes)
– Landscaping Fabric
– 2 bags of soil

– Circular saw
– Table Saw
– Drill and Impact Driver
– Speed Square
– Clamps
– Wire Snips
– Staple gun

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Gee rustin says:

Soil, not dirt. Dirt comes from the garage floor or under the bed.

GL says:

Thanks for a great and simple way to build a waist high planter.

무파마Mufama says:

What a smple planer box!

Colin Richardson says:

If I was to make a bed with identical dimensions, with identical soil and soil amount.. How heavy would the soil be when absolutely soaked with water? Is there anyway to calculate that?

Bill Paterson says:

Mitch- we are proposing to build 15 of these for handicapped residents in our town. We are going thru the Healthy community program- Blue Cross provides funding for project like this.
Nice simple design. I have used T & G cedar for a couple of beds and it works great and looks great.

Armando Dacal says:

Nice job Mitch, I built exact model and it’s solid. I used fence post and 1×5 pressure treated slats to line the bottom so I don’t use the wire mesh.

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Good job son. These are very handy and it’s good to see people growing their own produce. I like the way you made “L” brackets to put the frames together initially. Good idea.

Way Woodworking says:

Turned out great! I’d like to see how the lettuce comes in. Wanted to put in a small garden but the rabbits eat everything here. The raised bed would help.

Barry Roberts says:

Hi Mitch a great Planter Build. I have been building different Styles of Planters for years now, as i grow my own Fruit and Veg in Containers, and Waist High Planters.
I have enjoyed your videos, and i’m looking forward to seeing some more.
New Subscriber.
Barry (ENG)

Romelia Polly says:

You can find nice instructions on woodprix website if you like to build it

Handmade Living says:

The tongue and groove wood is such a good idea! Great job!

Kathleen Zimmerman says:

HI 😀 I just found your channel, and so glad I did! You seem like a nice guy with a good head on your shoulders. I love this design and hope to be making some over the winter, so I will be ready for next spring. Liked & subbed. 😀

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Good video, Mitch! And good thinking about the tongue and groove…kind of held it for you.

Malusifer says:

Great vid. Been wanting to make a cedar planter for a while. I made a planter out of some scrap pine a while ago and its held up pretty well but isn’t deep enough and doesn’t drain well. I like how you did the bottom of this one.

babyNewt11 says:

I love how the legs are on the inside. It gives it that nice finished look. Even a mitered lip on top would look great to hide the tops of the legs. Great video 🙂

The Bearded Woodworker says:

Turned out great! Thinking about making an elevated bed too, so I don’t have to bend over so much.

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