DIY Christmas Snow Globe! 🎄❄️❤️ // Garden Answer

Espoma Organic Cactus Mix –
Terra Cotta Pot –
Terra Cotta Saucer –
Spray Paint –
Winter Fairy Friends –
Snow Family –
Snow –
Plastic Ornament –
Eye Dropper –
Red Rope Ribbon –

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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Dennis Looney says:

Oh how cute and simple . Deb

Sherin Cherian says:

Hi Laura, i love your videos, excellent presentations. you inspire me to do more in my garden, though it is a bit dormant now . Please do a video on hyacinth, care tips, i have planted a couple of ’em in hyacinth jar, would like to know how to care em. it would be a real help for me. thank you Laura & Aaron for this great channel.

Karin Rosa says:

Greetings from San Antonio!

Sometime would you give us a video on how we can ship these cute projects….my family out of State would love something like this…but I am not confident in my packaging/shipping skills. Thank you for this Holiday Inspiration.

Viola Alley says:

love it…

memories1002 says:

I brought all my succulents indoors for the winter and i noticed that it’s been getting more and more holes and damages on the leaves. I don’t see any bugs though. What is happening? How can I fix it?

Holly Hocks says:

Lovely idea. Thanks Laura

Alice the Gmaw says:

This is gorgeous and will make a great gift.

leslie nikulka says:

I love the snoman globe. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing, Laura. 🙂

Melinda Gibson says:

Omg.. duh! I have about 40 disney snow globes! Why didn’t I think of this! I love it thanks so much for sharing!!!

Teodora Kosturska says:

Awesome idea 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

nay282 says:

so cute. this would make a great hostess gift

Amber Mize says:

I just love this!! It’s so creative!

Katie Rambo says:

Love this!!!

zeppypaige says:

Super cute idea!! Thank you so much for sharing ☺️

christine c says:

laura, i bought a string of pearls from that leaf and clay co. and they arrived quickly and were beautiful! but they died! i put them in a well draining pot/ used cactus succulent soil blend, i watered when i first got them, lightly, then let them dry a little, i saw when they wrinkled, and i watered again lightly. then literally the within the next 2 days they died. what am i doing wrong?

Jenny Pesavento says:

Oh Laura, this (and you) are ahhhhdorable!! thanks for sharing 🙂

Hedghog7333 says:

Hey Laura! I always come home and look on YouTube everyday to see if you have posted a new video. You and Aaron do an amazing job every time and should be very proud! I have a question for you though! I live in Saskatchewan Canada and have been trying to find a Haworthia Cooperi plant but I cant seem to find one to ship here. I’m looking for the sort of bubbly translucent one in particular. Is there any chance you could try to find one and use it in your videos? I may not be able to have one sent here but I’d be forever grateful if you found one and used it to make an arrangement. Thank you for being amazing and lighting up everyone’s day. Also Russel is super adorable and he’s the best thing on my Instagram. Thanks again!!

Cindy Marlow says:

I’m glad you posted this with ALL the instructions. I watched the one on Facebook this morning and could not figure out why you drilled a hole in the bulb!

Terry Klemesrud says:

What a cute craft to do with the grandchildren!! Thanks!!!

Margaret Cinque says:

So so cute how do u come up with these ideas!

Alisa Wong says:

Will the paint peel off over time with the moisture?

J M says:

So cute and I love how you’ve suggested economical ways to do this project!

John Sage says:

I hope you guys vlog your labor experience!

MVIsland says:

Oh my….Laura, you better create a “craft room” in your house…cause this new baby boy is going to have a blast in a couple of years doing all sorts of craft projects with his mommy… fun, making magical memories in the craft room__:>)

Crystal Gumm says:

This is adorable! Great idea to gift to teachers for Christmas!! Thank you Laura!!

Deborah Van Walsum says:

Pregnancy brain! Crowning glory! 🙂

Rina Ramdonee says:

so cute <3

Louise Duhaime says:

Those are sweet ….your laugh is contagious

S A says:

Love this Laura! Super cute! The crowning “moment” maybe? Lol!

Samantha Plumadore says:

So cute, our 4yr old daughter will Love making these! We just scored those plastic ornaments 1/$1 & reg smaller sz 2/$1 at dollar tree & have pretty much everything else on hand. The fairies are just as cute, I’ll let her make 1 of those for herself. TFS!

Breanna Pago says:

IM THE 100’_
Comment!! By the way, great vid!!

Valerie says:

You are so crafty! Cute idea!

Terry Williams says:

Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to try this. And it’s ” crowning glory.” You’re too cute!

deezie says:

this is absolutely the best snow globe garden craft. Love love love it

bluesky7226 says:

What a great little fun project.

Logan Williams says:

Awesome! I’m going to try to make these for a workshop at the garden center I work at in Maryland! Thanks for the idea 🙂

Georgia Cinq-Mars says:

Where is your coat?


Love it!

Audrey GFl says:

What a cute idea!

Eva Beck says:

Lovely and creative idea.

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