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List of Supplies:

Hey guys! I had a really fun time putting together this Cat Tower Garden for Russell, and he LOVES it! He spends quite a bit of his time playing with the toys, tasting the plants, and using the scratching posts (instead of our couch – thank goodness!)! We used a bunch of easy-to-find things to construct it, many of which I already had laying around in our garage. I’m happy with how easy it was to put together and how it ended up looking. Much better than some of the cat trees that can be bought at a store (in my opinion, anyway)! I hope you enjoyed watching the video! We will be posting a version of this video where I go into a bit more detail tomorrow so make sure you check back! We’re just finishing up editing that video! 💜~Laura

Three Shelf Shelving Unit –
Wood Crate –
PVC Pipe 4 in. x 2 ft. –
Rope –
Hot Glue Gun –
Hacksaw –
Drill –
Paint Cans –
Chalk Paint –
3’ Board for ramp –
L-Brackets –
Mouse Toy –
Cat Bed –
Espoma Seed Starting Mix –
Cat Grass Seed –
Small Grow Trays w/ Dome –
Plants I used: Cat Grass, Thyme, Mint, Rosemary

Video Gear we Use –
Favorite Garden Tools –
Favorite Containers –
Favorite Soils –

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My name is Laura and I, along with my husband, make gardening videos. I live in Eastern Oregon and garden in a zone 5. My parents own an independent garden center that I’ve worked at for over 10 years.

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Shalishia Baker says:

Oh my goodness. This is awesome! I smiled through the whole video 🙂

Milk And Honey Acreage says:

That was cute!!

EllaNchanted says:

when I die and come back, I want to be a cat in your house!!!! Russell is soooooo adorable. You are very blessed

July H says:


Jo Johnston says:

Genius! Just pure genius!

ilovejewelyn says:

creative type! Love you so much!!!

Martine Bangs says:

Lucky Russell….great job Laura…tfs

April Marion says:

I don’t have a kitty at this time, but a great idea! And a doable project! Thank you! A must share

Sunshine Diaz says:

Has your cat *used* the grass? How would you clean it?

Betty Joe says:

You are so creative!! Great job! I love his paws 🙂

nay282 says:

so cute..great idea

Dennis Looney says:

Very creative . Way to go Mom . Deb

1mrtbone says:

that was sweet i need to purchase a glue gun

David Sharp says:

Fab! He is a lucky boy

Susan Faile says:

We love the cat stand. What a great idea; and to salvage stuff around the house is better. It looks like Russell really loves his new Cat Tower !!!

Christina Hagenauer says:

Wow, he must feel very loved!

barbara mathis says:


hansjolyn says:

You are so talented Laura! Russell is so blessed! You are one of the reason my yard looks so good.

Anjelika Kuvaldina says:

Love it!!!! A lot of inspiration from your creativity 🙂

Pleasant Prickles says:

What a lucky boy Russell is! He looks so cute enjoying it!

Yvonne Amos says:


Vegan Living says:

wow! major inspo

Karen D Noll Bechtel says:

Love this!❤️❤️❤️

Pam Overbeek says:

OH MY GOODNESS!! How cute, I am not really a cat person but Russell may convert me! Love his new playground!


my cat is jealous. So creative!

Hilde Wilkens says:

This looks wonderful – thank you for  all your great ideas

Stupidcatlover says:

You had me at cat! Lol

MVIsland says:

don’t have any cats…but the kitty tower is amazing!

MaryG Orchids says:

Beautiful! Thanks Laura for doing this. Looking forward to the long version. Thanks for sharing.

Wingedshadowwolf says:

Cool. I didn’t know herbs were ok for cats. I have 3 cats that like knocking over my houseplants to get to the window!

Terry Klemesrud says:

You made this look soooo easy…lucky Russell!!!

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