DIY Backyard Makeover Timelapse – 2 years in 9 minutes

After a decade of living in the same house without taking advantage of the backyard, I decided to roll my sleeves up and get to work. I’ve always loved woodworking and was craving a project. Little did I know how much work it would be, but with the help of my house-mates, good friends and a wonderful neighbor, we got the backyard looking real nice. This project has been very rewarding and a great opportunity to learn new skills. I hope this video inspires you to give your backyard some lovin’ 🙂



1) “Ripen” by Gabrielle Gottschall –
2) “Nothing For It” by Xandra Corpora –


Me You says:

San Francisco…?? Or So San Francisco??

David Salazar says:



Buenisimo tu trabajo, dejaste a gusto y constumbre de sus dueños..

Melissa Graham says:

What a transformation!! Absolutely love the pallet projects and all the brick work. Your video served it’s purpose for me, very inspiring.

tgchism says:

Nicely done with a creative flare! I especially like use of pallets and other repurposed materials! Your table, fire pit and Eve with her vines were favorites!

bobsuruncle says:

Love the pallet deck! The wood on the first one looks nothing like a bunch of pallets thrown together.

kat richards says:

Very clever use of pallets. Great space! Love it.

Ellie Babyfish says:

Wouldn’t the wooden palates rot overtime?

Peter Piper says:

I don’t mind being a yard man I’ve always worked outside

Nancy Archibald says:

Fantastic makeover! I hope you took it slow and didn’t hurt yourself.

Chris Conley says:

Amazing and innovative. Thank you

atzo naftaniel says:

7:49 missed a spot

Pamela Hondzinski says:

Wow beautiful !

Ahua WANG says:


Joseph Lennonova says:

Very pretty. I love the cottage garden! For me, that’s so much nicer than a manicured garden!

Jane Nnabuchi says:

Wow, awesome !

Learn or depart says:

Hello Ziva, congratulations, the garden is beautiful. PLEASE TELL ME – what’s that beautiful tree or shrub that appears at 8:12, right where the three Adirondack chairs and the table are?  I mean the tall one, with a straight wooden trunk and then all at once,  long leaves and little violet flowes, bees are flying around it. I’m fascinated, would like to get one myself. I’ve never seen something like that!! I’d really appreciate your reply. I’ll be starting a garden makeover in two months in my new house :).  Thanks for sharing!

Amit says:

I like it but why the hell DIY makes use of plastic just spoils the satisfaction even after watching hard work and beautiful masterpiece of a garden in the vide

Lorene Knight says:

Amazing…I absolutely love it
Tons of hard work…CONGRATULATIONS

Paul Murphy says:

When does the makeover start?

Esmat Karimi says:

You are a hard worker. God Bless, enjoy your beautiful garden.

JB Marker says:

beautiful garden btw!

JB Marker says:

Wow you wore the same clothes for 2 years?

Luis Silva says:

This is amazing.

2455 says:

a real man would of don this in a weekend

angela harding says:


Josh Thomson says:

Bark mulch around a fire pit…

Betsy Traughber says:

That’s amazing what you have been able to accomplish, driven and motivated with a keen eye for beauty. It’s so inviting and cozy, just looks like a pleasant relaxing slice of heaven! You’ll enjoy this garden of eden for many years to come. I’d put up wind chimes and humming bird feeders.

Heather Sutton says:

Anyone notice the mannequin at 4:45 creepy , upper left corner

Nan Murray says:


Willy G P says:

watch this and reverse turned out so much better

Liendert says:

Love it all. That ass nice too. You go girl

Roza, kms says:

When the music on a time lapse sucks and it ruins the whole video

CBSNGH says:

It could be lot better..not impressed much

Daniela Ortega says:

You are a badass! Great job!

kcanded says:

That music was spot on. I was worried while watching this that there weren’t going to be any plants! But I guess you gotta get the bones in right before you pretty it up. Nice work.

yumyum chocolateface says:

Beautiful garden

Kerri says:

Absolutely great. You’re an inspiration. I love that you put it on record that you did it all by yourself, and with all your own unique ideas.

Herbert's Dessert says:

you guys love a good weed mat!

Scott M says:

Women! We get it. You’re awesome and you can do some physical labor. Start having higher expectations on yourself and stop praising anytime any women does anything. Imagine if men did this same thing. What about a man that raises a family and does everything no one sees unless they aren’t done. Good job and wash your hands before you start dinner.

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