Cute DIY Tea Cup Fairy Garden – Miniature Craft Tutorial

Hi guys! Today we’re making this cute little teacup fairy garden ^^ I wanted to make a garden in miniature scale, but you can make it bigger to fit any cup you want to use for the base.
I used Grey Fimo soft polymer clay to sculpt the tiny house and tools, before adding details with acrylic paint and alcohol ink. You don’t really need the ink, I just like the colors.
Since it’s still the cold season, the choice of plants was limited, thefore I went with a few small cacti for this video, but you can use any plants you want 🙂

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video ^^

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Away with the fairies says:

Hi akumeru, really nice video, really enjoyed it. I love fairy gardens! As a fairy gardener myself I found it very inspirational

Hina Rahmat says:

just like escape 26.nice creation

Bhelle says:

so cute, I would like to make one…

Marion Ricciardelli says:

what did you put in he cup so the cottage would be on op

Ordeen Duke says:

can you make desert miniature garden thank you

옥토끼 says:

cuuuuute!! is that clay going to be ok? about wet?

Crystal Wolf Animations says:


kristina godin does ¿dares? says:

that is so cute

Durga Kolluru says:

Wow very nice and great work

Abs Hicks says:

I don,t think thats a good idea? ??

Judi Albert says:

A forest garden theme.

Denise Mattos says:

I loved it, too beautiful !!

Mistress Ettie says:

I adore Thrift stores and have made candles in beautiful glass cups/containers. You have inspired me to make little succulent gardens as well! What was old and unused now will have new life.

Fatima Alamino says:


Jane Fox says:

i love how you make things your AMAZINE xx

Ines Cambiaso says:

Que pasta usan no lo pueden traducir ??? Argentina

عبد الملك جهاد جهاد لطيف says:

واو جميل جدا

Sarah4 says:

that was so long to watch!!!! But i loved the end result! very beautoful 🙂

Lupin Lupino says:

so wonderful

Fresh Cucumber says:

Fairys have wings so the ladder is unnecessary

Miranda2Marvels says:

was the cactuses​ sharp since you were touching them with your bare hands lol

Gib Gib says:

This is amazing we are having a sweet 16 for my daughter and her theme is an Enchanted Forest we will definitely be using this tutorial we can use all the help we can get thanks for posting this video.

Mary Syevivk says:

Awesome job my daughter and I want to make a fairy home under a tree at the front of the house. Now I want to make one of these. Thanks for showing your talent.

Aline Alves says:

como eu vou conseguir fazer isso n tenho porra porra porra

shirley otero says:

beautiful thx u

1withwolves says:

I would love to see a little log cabin in a wooden box maybe? Not sure what kind of plants would match…but i think it would be really cute.

Picachki says:

Mermaid garden?

Bel La says:

do u ever sell ur work?

TabbyRose says:

how do u not get paint on the table?! i get it every where (or cause im naturally clumsy.)

Lumi eŕe says:

it’s fantastic!!

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