Builders DIY: Designing your Garden – Adding a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden can have a smoothing, calm effect. Watch our DIY guy Andrew show you how to build your own in the garden.


Pankaj Pandya says:

very nice work

Manisalı 45 says:


Singingbird One says:

Thanks for uploading.Some good ideas in your creative work.Thank You.

Richard Mays says:

let’s spend $10 extra dollars and get a real pump for a fountain that size

sweetbrandigirl says:

OMG thats was a lot of work for what is a very boring result !

John Watts says:

The best mosquito nursery I believe I have ever seen.

Radomir Karov says:


Ronnie Baga says:

And where is soothing sound of the water?

Jason Medina says:

absolutely horrible …

timon0x31 says:

Couple if things. Should have had a route under the river stones so you could hide the power. Second you should have a small hole in the pot so all of the water can drain back into the underground container when the pump is not running. Less water loss over time and no mosquito laying eggs in areas you have to worry about them.

Kawanimut says:

Why don’t you use more powered pump in order to make the water feature more visible? Because at the end of this video, I expect more, but I don’t see where was the flowing water ^_^

Juanita Ivey Wright says:

very nice

radrickdavis says:

Where I live, a fountain like this would flood with mud and muck after every rain storm.

john clark says:

I love the cement around the water feature! Never thought about doing this…But my question is with it being so low to the ground do you have much problem with yard drainage causing problems that might flow into the water feature?

jcjatho says:

The effort was there but the outcome left something to be desired. Clogged drains flow faster than that. I don’t think I would call this a ‘water feature’.

Mike Boland says:

@4:38 “fun autistic side” hahahah

Admin says:

why didn’t you show it running?

TheRealGunfish says:

are there solar power options for the pump so it uses no wires?

Sarah N says:

Can you put a link to the item used? I would really like to buy that aqua basin!

Patrick Chiira says:
blaine clemens says:


Rafany Valadao Xavier says:

is great

Nature King says:

Too much of hard work for such a weak pump resulting in poor water effects at the end.

Victor Phan says:

ugly af

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