Build a DIY Raised Bed Garden From Scratch!

Build a DIY Raised Bed Garden From Scratch! A raised-bed garden can be built out of a variety of different materials. I love my raised beds for growing my vegetable garden. Here’s how I built this one:

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Jill Deden says:

I am interested in purchasing the seed boxes, but I am from Minnesota and it’s freezing here now. I wouldn’t need to buy seeds every month, would I? Also, when should I be planting, or can I start seeds indoors? Do you have any videos for people that live in cold climates or can you let me know where to get more information? Thank you!

Amy L. Shultz says:

Nice to see you doing it from the beginning!

LASummer says:

Good tip about redwood!

Alien on board says:

thank you so much for posting this I love your vegan and tai chi channel and was thinking of making an raised bed and now I know how!!!!

ApeMan's Lab says:

ummmmm those are not fence post … you should know that ..veg ninja

Phuong le says:

So simple, thank you

Tyson Gaylord says:

Why build a raised bed and not just plant it in the ground? What’s the benefits of a raised bed vs ground? Thanks, love your channel, I never thought I could grow so many different things in AZ.

Maverik says:

I almost gave you a thumbs down for talking shit about trump

Marsha Balderrama says:

Hi. Jake, looks good. Can you please check and see if I signed up for the seed bank box? I can’t remember if I did.

jelybrd says:

How long did it take for you to get your yard to be this grand?

Denise Sanabia says:

Your videos are so great LUV the lil dance lol cute

Scarlett Gone Raw says:

I can’t get over the size of your backyard. You really created a miraculous Oasis. Do you have any fire ant issues? That is a huge problem here in our yards in Austin (and, boy, do they love the raised beds), and they are tiny and deadly. Anyway, enjoyed this video (and the music on both sides of the camera, lol)!

AGdaisyproductions 612 says:

You crack me up! Great Video, I need to build my own raised bed so now I have a better idea, Thank You Jake!

AzDude69 says:

OMG! You’re killing me with the Mexican music. lol

TheMegtay123 says:

Such a great idea

Dane Drew says:

Everything but the kitchen sink.

CYPRESSGAL1975 says:

What size did your bed end up being?

Tacka4Fun says:

very good message at the end!

Paiman Matin says:

you no what im not a guy but I love you I wish can see you

Laurie Turner says:

are you able to send the seed bank box to canada?

Denise Sanabia says:

Everything I have is oriental just LUV the culture

Judy Onthemton says:

Are they fence posts or fence slats?

EMF Minimalist says:

great channel and info Jake. Spring is near!

HAL1400 says:

Jake, how thick are the fence boards?

Kodi O'Neil says:

your videos are super quality material. I can tell you put a lot of time into it, you rock!

chifylube says:

Do you ever dig a little deeper under your raised beds and add weed cloth? If not, why not? Thanks.

arkenjade says:

Good advice at 12:00

LeJimster says:

Just a tip my friend. Don’t mention politics, people are too emotional and divided to think rationally. I agree focusing on yourself and those around you is the best. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead, not the hardships behind.

TwisterChrisable says:

Yeah I have to use cinder blocks because my area is prone to termites

Sharon Ehle-Loiacano says:

HaHa, you thought you were done. You’ll never be done. Always building something. On my raised beds I have to put hardware cloth on the bottom so the round tail ground squirrels don’t dig their way inside. What I pay for living in the desert.

Paiman Matin says:

where you livingmy brother working kun fu to woa

Eighty Bananas says:

Life in a Box and High Carb Hannah brought me here, and I sent the link to the garden tour you did with them to two people today that had never heard of you. Your garden deserves all the positive attention it can get. So wonderful! I love it! I applaud all your hard work!

way of a healthy person says:

I love raise beds we got lots of them

Supathi Ratnayake says:

wow! nice.

shanah Tovah says:

everything was going fine, till you called my President a bully…

Steff Wicker says:

Lol… love the dance moves!

6 Count Family says:

That music transition was awesome! LoL

The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV says:

it’s not spring tho lol

tortaboy says:

We used hay bales to barricade my Sulcata one year. He was able to climb OVER the hay bales. I didn’t believe it until I watched him. Very tenacious reptiles.

Matt Decker says:

Nice tutorial! Would you recommend using treated or untreated wood? I’m thinking of setting up two 3×8′ beds to start my partner and I off with. Was planning on only going 12″ high but may go taller. We’ve got big groundhogs here that love to get into squash. Think I might put chicken wire at the bottom and grow vining plants up a trellis.

Urban Assault Vegan says:

Gotta have those raised beds with my doggies too! Love the shirts. Would love to tour your garden for sure if I ever get down that way!!

Jonathan Kosyjana says: man That orange is insaneee!

Denise Farrow says:

Great Video I love what you said about “Don’t fight the Bully” Awesome

Vbescamilla71 says:

You’ve inspired me to transform my property! Just signed up for the seed bank box and am gonna build my first raised beds! Dude I’m pumped!!!!

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