Aquarium Garden DIY

The idea of aquarium garden goes back to the time when I was growing Aloe and Peace lily on top of my standard 10 gallon aquarium.
Guys! A pair of any size tanks, not just plastic boxes, bottles or jars, any tank can be used to make such an aquarium garden 🙂
You can pick up a lot of useful info on this matter in videos from my Aquarium Garden playlist:
DIY Planters:
I will show other plants in future videos.
Rotate the garden for each side to get enough light.
I use only indirect sunlight coming from the window.
No fertilizers, no heaters.
Just trim the moss and plants as necessary.
Have fun and happy aquarium gardening 🙂
Growing non-aquatic plants underwater:
DIY Aquariums:
Homemade Fish Food:
My aquarium fish care routines:
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Aquatic plants:
Land moss underwater:
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Tree moss underwater:
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Aloe in aquarium:
Peace Lily in aquarium:

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key lime pie aqautics says:


Roxtar Towhid says:

can you plz tell us about planted tanks and best and easy growing under water plants??

max max says:

You can tell the stringier moss can grow in either water or on land because it changes form in different environments. There are a lot of Sphagnum and Fissidens species that can grow in either way a lot of the Sphagnums really appreciate an acidic environment though ,” think peat bog.” I really like your shows!

jane doe says:

yay another video! your methods are so unique, i don’t know anyone else who keeps aquariums the way you do. always very interesting!

Fishman says:

I love these diy self sustaining systems you create. Thanks for sharing

David Rodriguez says:

The grey plant looks like it’s lichen, that’s an amazing idea for a micro garden.

fabrice pumo says:

now it s art , very well !!!!!

AKASHDIP 47 says:

I love that accent ❤️

Mellé wedin says:

The second land moss that you put in. I have gotten that one to grow under water

54Punchie says:


Noah Miller__boss says:

Yes a new video thanks Michael I also live in NYC the bronx and I live what you are doing!!

Skeltro 105 says:

Does the garden smell bad in any way?

Random Person101 says:

I think 2 of the fry you gave me died if more die i will buy some

Abed Al Rahim Assado says:

Yes these vedio

notNolajane FishRich says:


asgar ali says:

u r master in u r job my bro. i love it

Mocha and cappachino the bunny With Kewell says:

I even asked for this love it and I was the one we chatted on your slug vid love this well done

Villiam Yang says:

Nice looking moss & aquarium definitely try this with my plants but your place must be warm to grow them right but how did the moss grow out like that

Honey Handa says:

Water or Voater

Sergej Jost says:

А в оригинале есть?
В смысле на русском…

AZ Animals says:

Decorativa mente bueno pero no se ve apto para meter peces. Poco espacio y condiciones del agua poco favorables

Beryl Patsy says:

I love these little self sustained world’s that you create .. thank you for sharing your hobby with us

Luqman Marinus says:

Beautiful how do u grow the moss..does the mose need oxygen?

Slugeer Cuevas says:

Simple y hermoso que mas quieres. Excelente video ;).

richard franklin says:

You are Awsome!!

Oliver John says:

Great video

luch boc hep says:

Have u tried breeding cyclops in their own aquarium not any seed shrimp

Prashant Chettri says:

Such a beautiful garden!

I recently got a freshwater crayfish and I am planning to make a self sustaining ecosystem for it.
I have made an aquarium out of glass which has a capacity of 5.55 gallons.

I also don’t have seed shrimps, daphnia which I feel is essential.

I have some apple snails and fresh water snails.

Please provide me some of your useful insights in making the ecosystem self sustainable and beautiful.

Irena Irena says:

Волшебно !

Darcie Frazer says:

This was my favorite video by far of yours!

lego galaxy productions says:

Awesome with these ideas I can use some out door free plants thanks

MRyansanayi says:

an amazing video as always

EmmanuelPlayz & More says:

Looks nice. The guppies will live but not thrive

Steven Haidinyak says:

Michael you have outdone yourself. I can’t believe how beautiful those look.
And with things from around the house, incredible.
I will definitely be trying to make something similar to this, and of course I will be posting it on my Instagram if anyone is interested in seeing my aquariums check out @ Aqua_Pron
Thanks for the wonderful idea!

shng sam says:

your moss looks green and healthy, very beautiful garden
i tried to grow moss too, beside the windows, but each time i will end up with mold, a lot of mold

Random Person101 says:

Michael can you give me extra plants if you have any also i really need seed shrimp s

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