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jhitt79 says:

This is stupid.

thanigamalai dhavamani says:

Super work thank you

kasey henderson says:

Did you not want to water the tree? What was that fitted onto the 90’s n why? I missed somethin…

Rakesh Chakravarty says:

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its working

Josh Gartmann says:

If you have a random tree in the middle of your yard and no saw of any kind. This is a the tree removal process for you.

Sean Matthews says:


dady big says:

I hat the music good by

jludtxs says:

I use sections of pvc- unglued- to water plants with my air conditioner drip. I have each section go to a rose bush and loosen the joint when I want to water that plant. at the end of the sections of pipe, I added a piece of hose that I can move around to reach some other plants. I change the section of loosened pipe daily in the summer to a different rose bush.

ORLA S says:

Why are you wasting your time and water ??

This grass is ok as it is !! Just needs cutting !!

pharmkid02 says:

Lol worst idea

Scoop Yall says:

When did a lawn become a garden, only way to save water and use more than 30% is soaker hoses

ON TARGET THOM uncle sam says:

this is really stupid we have a sprinkler

Rudy Borrego says:

Buy a sprinkler already made. Saves you from drilling your hand.

Anne Simpson says:

Maybe they just had the material laying around or wanted to water the grass and make a sprinkler for the kids. How about THANKS FOR TAKING YOUR TIME OUT AND SHARING!!! I Thought it was a brilliant way to make a sprinkler with 2 lanes for kids and grandkids to play and stay away from the Bush. 🙂 and a neat way to make a sprinkler in general since I HAVE extra PVC that size laying around. Nay sayers…. GEEZ! SMH

forbiddencrisis says:

This is an exercise in how not to irrigate a specific area hence the shape, but why, whats the point? If just making a sprinkler this would only be a cost saving exercise if you had left over tubing and the tools. As a practical method of watering the lawn the water will puddle where it is falling in only a couple of minutes. A rotary sprinkler or an oscillating sprinkler is better and lets be honest they are not expensive. So why would you do this?

Rene Nevarez says:

What size tubbing is this?

axxeman2002 says:

Not a good idea if you are on a water meter, however, could be adapted for container irrigation with a gallon (or whatever size) plumbed into the other end of a short hose and raised above for steady gravity feed. Strawberries, in particular, grown in long troughs or guttering come to mind. Got me thinking …

Blair Rothwilson says:

Just watching this for the music…

Hunza Guider says:

Great idea

Kube Dog says:

This is so fucking stupid.

Shiva Kumar Rastogi says:

Very nice video, I also try a simple pot for multiple planting…

waltonwayaugusta says:


Robert Blache-Fraser says:

Pretty hard to store this when not in use.

E & S Edelen says:

Save a bunch o money and use a hula hoop

Dale Bolen says:

He will have a beautiful woman with a dead patch right in the middle all around the tree

Hezron Makoga says:

nice I need one water pump so i need the price

Calvin Brown says:

One way not to get the tree wet.

Steve Schindler says:

maybe it’s supposed to be like a fountain with the tree in the center instead of a sprinkler

Erin says:

What a waste of time and energy. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen!

White Sox says:

What is it ?????

Dinh Chieu Nguyen says:

Its stupid idea , waste my time.

Jon Mosley says:

You can do the same with plastic drink size, or 2 liter size bottles.

Ryan P says:

That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen you cut your holes on the wrong side lmao you arnt even watering the tree hahah

Felipe Bautista says:

X7 g89trrtyio390okkjjjjj))kikjj0j;899:(&-1w

En3rGy says:

Just Go buy a sprinkler

Carlos Peres da Costa says:

Could you describe the gadget you use to tread/join the corner joints

Jon Mosley says:

I’d say put it in a raised bed then fill with dirt. make it so you have a quick connect hose! Subterranean watersystem

Bob Langill says:

Ya….really amazing..sigh.

Steve Schindler says:

maybe it’s supposed to be like a fountain with the tree in the center instead of a sprinkler

Robin Wojcik says:

Why are you avoiding the arb? And more importantly this is NOT the project that drew in me to view.

Michael Hartman says:

If the idea is to keep the cat away the ends need holes. Cats prowl at night and you would have to be there to turn the faucet.

Hezron Makoga says:

nice I need one water pump so i need the price

tonyclem says:

Strange machine is PPR pipe fuser hot melt machine heat sealing plastic

Phil Hewitt says:

If he is desperate to get views, he is not doing to bad, is he !

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