Just look at these incredible plants, which you can easily grow in your own kitchen!

Find out how to grow an exotic pineapple, celery, grass in the eggshells, make natural homemade coffee fertilizer.

Pay special attention to the plants that should be in every home such as: aloe vera, the best plant for the bedroom, unlike others, it provides the room with oxygen at night;
decorative lemon tree, its leaves contain 85 substances that help clean the air in the room;
chlorophytum, this large, vigorous plant can clean 3 cubic meters of air;
ficus, it enriches the room with oxygen, humidifies the air and neutralizes toxins;
rosemary, its phytoncides have a beneficial effect on people suffering from illnesses of the upper airways;
pelargonium, it produces a substance that has a calming effect and helps to deal with stress and insomnia.

I’ll also share with you some hacks on how to create clay pot garden lighthouse and plant hangers from the old T-shirts!

Let’s get started! 🙂

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2:28 Plants that should be in every home
3:15 Plant hangers from the old T-shirts
4:56 Clay pot garden lighthouse
6:25 Best planter I’ve ever seen

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Mom's Kitchen says:

To grow our own pineapple, we gotta wait for 2yrs… I’ve tried the same rooting method, I had to wait for 2⅓ years for full pineapple…

Sanjana Bhat says:

5:31 u do know that the candle will get extinguished after sometime?

Player Origins says:

Dont believe them, pineapple plant will take 2 years to grow a pineapple fruit

Vibha Devi says:

Where are those 15 plants ?

laxminarayana bingi says:

Plz stop doing repeated crafts that T shirt craft was already done in last 2 r 3 more times..

Liwon Hu says:

Pineapples don’t grow stem unless you count the crown

Crystalito Gallo says:

I need to remember to get all those plants

francisco toscano says:

I thought they were gonna show us how to grow eggs for a second

sandhya khadye says:

We can put any white flower???

nav kaur says:

Wat is the substitute of egg shells in home made fertilizer?

Farida Begum says:

Hand plant was nice unique

Molike Oro Thomas says:

Good and helpful video thank GOD I have aloe vera in my house

Ren Aquino says:

some of them are waste of money.

myutubeandy says:

Beautiful video…! Can you tell me please the name of the last song (kind of blues) played with guitar, please also the artist name? Thanks…!

Geetanjali Mishra says:

Pine apple ke patti hi badhi hai usme kuch bhi nhi hota

Larissa F says:

I do a lot of horticultural projects in my spare time so i know my way around plants, and 90% of this is misleading or inaccurate

RayVietNam Official says:

I like your clips! it’s very interesting. I am also a youtuber working on life and garden. Hope you support my channel!

SFS Central says:

That’s not how to water a pineapple. You pour water into the middle of the leaves!

rodica murgu says:

Not work

Gaming Fighter says:

Pineapple ki video sabi mai hai.Bekar channal pagal menta

Qwee Qeee says:


Mummy and Kids says:

Hey tell me plz everything about alovera plzzz how to plant n where to put.

About Lai says:

The pineapple one is so fckn fake

Anusree Anu says:

Do more videos on gardeningggg

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