The Industrial Shelving Unit – Easy DIY Project

TOOLS LIST (Amazon links):
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tape Measure:
-Safety Goggles:
-Ear Protection:

MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links):
Floor Flanges:
8″ Piping:
Caster Wheels:
Sanding Blocks:
(partial list, other items can be found at hardware stores)

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Easy DIY tutorial for making your own industrial-style shelving unit!

Dimensions: 48″l x 25 1/2″h x 11 1/4″d



Please be careful, i’d hate for you to drop anything on those cute little feet!

Shweta Chawla says:

Loved it.
Which wood boards have you used in the video?
Thanks in advance.

TotalDivaRea says:

What would you recommend if you didn’t want to use castor and this would be a stationary piece??

Greg Rosen says:

…can you make a “how to” video on taking a minute and a half video and making it 5 minutes long, jesus.

memadman says:

That’s a feet of work.

Lime yours says:

The music made me think Joel
Osteen was going to jump out and preach.

Alayna Nichols says:

Okay I gotta say- I am so obsessed with all things Rehab Life! My boyfriend just bought a house and the idea of buying all the furniture I want seems so out of reach- you guys are making it seem feasible! I spend hours watching, re-watching , and writing down the plans for which of your projects I’m gong to tackle. A couple of questions for you two: when you first started out, did you rent your power tools or buy them? I’m trying to decide whether the investments are worth it. Obviously the goal in building our own furniture is to save money! Thanks for ALLL the inspo and for being all of my goals!!!

The silent says:

Hay Maşallahh 😀

David Greenwood says:

Great industrial design easy project! I am thinking of modifying your idea for an audio component display rack, turntables and heavy tube amp on the top, maybe 4-6 pipes per level, and an u used marble slab (freebie) on the top. Great choice of materials

mercy mood says:

nice foot fetish video

thacrackfox says:

I would let her give me aids

north star says:

please can u leave the poor dog alone

Pamela Powers says:

I love the industrial look and your dog is the cutest thing ever!

Frank Miller says:

Yay! saw horses.

Yesy Armas says:

We’re día you find the still!?

Denzil the Destroyer says:

I had a go at something similar. Check out in my video.

laknarasim says:

Can I build a shelving unit 18” or 24” x 12 feet in this type with a strong leg the bottom? Would it work ?

Рахат Сагадиев says:


hifonics079 says:

Very nice video. I made one myself and it became beautiful. Keep up the projects. Thumbs up.

fadzri imfadzri says:

bitc TITS

conservativetothecor says:

This is totally neat. It would make a gorgeous coffee table too. And a woman doing it is encouraging. I keep telling my bosses they need to project tool bags and things for women especially. Missing a good oportunity. There are more and more single moms. Its not a good thing but most people out there are smart enough to use things like that to their advantage. I would love to learn woodworking allot more. Thank you. This one caught my eye.

Melissa Yoshizumi says:

Great video! Do you think a unit with 6 shelves and slightly longer pipes would be stable?

Ari Yudha says:

Bagus sekali dan simple .

pasha_doom says:

красивые полки, девушка тоже!)

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