In this week’s video, we look at a rement set for a dollhouse room. These miniature furniture are perfect for your figures or dolls. Re-ments come in kits (blind boxes). You can get the whole set or just one box and hope you get the one you want. This set has everything from, Miniature TV, miniature radio, miniature bird and cage, miniature CD, miniature plant, miniature food, miniature table, miniature drawer dresser stand, etc… This re-ment set is called Our Home. If you want DIY How to make miniature tutorials, check out my other videos where I show you how to make some of these things.
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Where to buy (I do not know these sellers so be sure to do your research. Go on these sites and type “Rement OUR HOME”
– Etsy
– Ebay
– Amazon
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Hi fellow dweebs! My name is Jackie and I love crafting geeky diys. I mainly do polymer clay tutorials, but I also do resin crafting, felt diys, and custom diy soap on my channel, but I love experimenting and having fun! Let’s go on this diy crafting journey together ^_^ Remember to #Nerdecrafter on Instagram if you make anything geeky. Also, if you share my videos, you automatically get love and sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Rock fox says:

it is a pen

Tracy Westby says:

Budgies playing….dead.

Cassidy Parks says:

Your so crafty and you help me win I am sad and I love your videos and I love your work and I am so thankful that you made a YouTube channel -Cassidy ❤️

Karen lucía Estrada says:

its a pen

Jose Perez says:

its a PEN!!!!

Jessicia Powell says:

omg sooo cute

Yosely Rojas says:

Make more rement vids

Non-chan's Créations says:

aaaaaaaah waaaaaant everythiiiiiiing

Creepy AsCrap says:

( ⊙_⊙)
commoners coffee!!!

Kawaii Overlord says:

I have a question can you make a sans and papyus house please ^_^

Mlan 张 says:

Make a video in French please

CEOmicrosoft says:


Kittinthehatlady says:

Yes! Do more re-ment unboxing!

D_is_for_ Duck says:

Lol. The birdie was partying a little too hard……

Mya Jones says:

these would be the perfect size for lps

The cosplayCOOKIEE says:

You should make a miniature mini golf course!

Bander Snatch says:

Oh my gosh — I LOVE the budgie! So much detail in these tiny sets — they’re incredible.

ceiliana washburn says:

Thats soooo cute

Waffles the Cat says:

I just love this videos

Pamalama_Pro says:

Ohhhhhhh I really wish I could have one! So cute!

jinx the flolf says:

this is so cute well I know were all my moneys going rent and rement sets *chuckles to myself like a dunce*

SillyFoxxUchiha says:

This is such a great video! XD I honestly love your happiest about every little thing.

Magen Monick says:

it’s a pen

Waffles the Cat says:

it’s some good refleax ology right there

Yahoohoo says:

why no more ASMR T.T
awesome video tho 😀

Rukhsana Khan says:

kaha se aap yeh kharid ke late ho

lunner says:

I have made a TON of clay Pokémon and I’ve learned a lot on how to make them from you, thanks

The Derpster Crafts says:

Thx Jackie for inspiring me to make a YouTube channel

Robyn Cutting says:


Sweety Pie says:

omg everything is so bloody small love love love

D C says:

Can you make a mold of the spray bottle too. N the bird so he’ll have a buddy.

WhiteFox_83 YouTube says:

8:10 umm. The bird didn’t just take a nap..

Waffles the Cat says:

9:04 me when I see a spider

Juki Heartskiller says:

Im Laughing my Ass off where Jackie plays with this like a small kid XD

Butterfly Bunny says:


Read more

D C says:

Ck me on Instagram…I’m addicted to these. What it that on the left side of danboard? I love re-ments! Hugs debs from Texas

Amanda Wong says:

I love rements!!!!!

emilyfudgeland says:

please do more unboxing stuff!!

The Rolls says:

That’s a calligraphy pen… I think

Kathie Hoskins says:

I have a friend who worked in a pet store and he had a bird that would play dead in the store. So many customers would come up to him and tell him that he had a dead bird only to have the bird jump up on its perch. The bird also would be sitting on the perch and fall over backwards pretending to die then the bird would open one eye to see if you were looking at it. The store decided not to sell the bird because of it being such a conversation piece. Love the video. Please do more.

EunJi HuR says:

budgie falls
jakie: “oh no, budgie…..”
thinking: “budgie dies”
jakie: “budgie took a nap”

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