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This old pool table in my basement was repurposed into a large 8′ x 4′ craft table! I bought the pool table from an estate sale when we moved in 8 years ago because I thought I would perfect my game, but sadly, no one in my house really plays pool, so it’s just taken up space over the years. So I decided to repurpose it into a large DIY craft table with a table skirt and plywood on top! Now there is storage underneath, and a large top for me to spread out projects and work indoors when the weather gets cold with winter! Totally love this!

Referenced tools and materials (affiliate links)

-Kreg Rip-Cut (for circular saw): https://amzn.to/2oums79

-Kreg Pocket Hole Jig: https://amzn.to/2PYqkK8

-RYOBI circular saw

-4’x8′ birch plywood

– KILZ Primer: https://amzn.to/2C8Y7NO


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Claire Conover says:

you should have just sold it and bought a nicer craft table

Jadon Wright says:

Love the new production

Pamela Bell says:

As always im in press by what you do thank for sharing

Dennis M says:

A nice work area for sure! We all need our own space to create – from a room to a space in the garage so our mess does not have to be cleaned up from each crafting section.

Denisse Rangel says:

You are a genius with furniture but guess its a little short for your back isn’t it? And about cleaning under the table? Isn’t complicated with the fabric?

Color Me Influenced says:

Should you put something in the center of the pool table under the plywood so the table top doesn’t sag in the middle? Styrofoam maybe or even an old blanket or something? I would wood fill the gap between plywood sheets in case you were doing a paper craft and needed a flat surface to draw on. It was a super clever design! I thought you were going to do it like a shoebox lid that went down the side a little but your way was smarter! Great Job!

Gladys McCoy says:

Thank you for your vids. I learn something new each and every time.

The Bra Doctor says:

If I had a huge basement, I would go find a pool table just to do this project!

Honest Comments says:

I just LOVE the fact that you did not destroy the pool table (like most DIYers would do) and made a solution so you can use it again or sell it if you ever feel the need to. Lovely result. You can use that table for future parties in case you need a massive buffet 🙂

up2meable says:

Great job! I have a pool table in my basement and never use it anymore, but you have really given me a great idea! You’re so crafty and I’m loving your channel.

Regina Deloris says:

What a great idea!
Very useful and without any damage to the actual pool table.
Good for you Serena!

Dulce De Leche says:

It’s so great whenever you upload. Awesomeeeee

Ron Mack says:

Great idea Serena. That does make a nice sturdy work table. You did a great job. Take care and God bless.

Ronald Allen says:

Nooooooooo!!!!!! Lol

Pamela Chadwell says:

Great job!

Linda Russell says:

Ping pong table is good for crafting also! Folds up!

Kristen Duffey says:

OMGoodness!!! That is fantastic! You did a great job and what a clever idea! I’ll have to get our pool table back from our daughter!!! LOL

diordiva says:


Lindee Hopkins says:

Really love your vids!

Timon de Raaf says:

Nice! But kind of a expensive work table though

Rachel Carpenter says:

Where have you been!!!! We missed you!!!!!

Leslie Varty says:

This is brilliant!!!

Darla Turcott says:

Very good job just stumbled across your site….great and thank you…mrsdaryl f.turcott the third.

Norma Jean Rios says:

Wow! So if you did that with a pool table…I have to subscribe now, to see what else you can do! Love it! Tks for sharing. 🙂

Lyric Love says:

Awesome very creative

Ronna Keil says:


Evelyn J. Amponsah says:

Good seeing you, miss your vlogs. As always you did great job. Very functional able. THXS FOR SHARING.

wykkydtruth says:

That looked like a LOT of work, but looks like it was worth it. Well done!

Charlye 6 says:

Nice. Oh I can’t wait for the next one.

Dawn Ruhl says:


JOSE Rodriguez says:

$400- For an “Estate” Pool-Table + All of the materials and tools to turn it into a work table is not what I think of Thrift diving….Love all of your ideas.

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