How to paint furniture! DIY

I got a lot of questions about how I go about painting all of my furniture. I figured I would do a quick little time lapse and tutorial. if you have any questions let me know!


Vampireleniore says:

I love darker stuff, but even so, I adore how you paint everything these gorgeous pastel color combinations. Your house is the cutest.

Shell Smith says:

never have to many tables

Christina Azzopardi says:

maybe you do have too many tables, but as long as you use them no problem right? xD Love the colour scheme btw 😀

neu dae says:

never too many tables!

Zoe Does YouTube! says:

There is no such thing as too many tables Kelly! Lol

Janesika Gause says:

Lmao!!! That’s a lot of tables.

ChezFeroce says:

I would love a table! Thanks 🙂

pearlyn ang says:

i wont say too many but you definitely have a lot of them haha ♡♡ (:

Lupe says:

did you wait for paint to dry between each layer or just go in with color right after white?

Katy says:

You have a lot of people who come and inhabit your space on a semi regular basis. I personally hate going to people’s houses and finding there’s no place to set down my purse, no place to set my food down when I’m sitting on their couch, etc. I think you have a perfect number of tables. As long as they don’t all become “junk” surfaces for you, I think you’re good. Plus they’re all so beautiful!

Shantay Juul says:

It looks so cute!

Mega Minx says:

I would probably take out the two tables that are next to the couch, BUT they’re super cute so it doesn’t matter much. Plus! You have a lot of cover in case of earthquakes? I don’t actually know, though, I’ve never been in an earthquake.

Dorothy Zipprian says:

Omg lol i love tables i think they pull a room together or 5 or 6 tables are fine too lol

Black Fairy says:

I recently bought an antique lingerie chest like the pink one you have in the studio, fucking love. ♥

Kate Allen says:

You can never have to many tables !:)

Maggie Allison says:

You’re creative, inspiring, beautiful and you have a necessary amount of tables ;P

Sophs657 says:

Kelly: stands up
Kelly: “Hi my name is Kelly Eden, and I am a Table Hoarder”

KittyWinter170 Meow says:

no you have just enough

atrayubrandy says:

Everything looks beautiful!

Sylvia Xiong says:

I love the ending music, what is it??

Pock Rocks says:

too many tables bruh

Yanira Montiel says:

If you want to give that small table that was under the TV away I’d go get it since I live near LA

Lunatique says:

Never too many tables haha! Seriously this table couldn’t find a better owner, you did an amazing job! 🙂

Queen Abbs says:

Quick (and probably dumb) question, if you want to paint a table let’s say pink, would you recommend painting it white first and then pink? Also if so how many coats of white and then pink?

WinniefredFinesse says:

Lovely! I’m glad you painted like that, nahhh not too many tables but perhaps don’t get more hehe

Michelle Gil says:

Nah, my sims have lot of table but as always I always love your dream house reminds me of my grandma house full of rococo (except pink it was mostly white)

Crystal_ Art says:

U have almost to many tables. There all cute though

Paula Mazur says:

You don’t have too many tables. My house is the same way. I almost felt like my house looked ridiculous until I saw how many tables you had. . .well my house still looks ridiculous because it’s not super kawaii like it should be lol

Kelsey Stephens says:

This makes me want to fix up this old chair that I have that was my great grandmothers, I have to figure out what new fabric I want for the seat 🙂

Shazza Rose says:

I adore your house so much, though.
My Mum just bought me a new dresser, secondhand, and it has these crappy handles that were all broken, so we bought some Antique-looking ones from the hardware store and put them on, I wanna paint them black, though.
I’ve already custom-painted several ornate/antique-looking frames black for my photo wall, inspired by you. ^_^

Morgen so Spoopy says:

More tables means more DECORATIONS!!

Mistress Cosplay says:

You can’t have to many tables unless you can’t walk though your home.

Des says:

I have never clicked on something so fast

MissRoxy918 says:

Thank you for this video! I just got an antique vanity that I want to paint but didn’t really have an idea on how to go about it.

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