How To Make a DIY Mid Century Modern TV Stand | Woodworking

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The centerpiece of any Man Cave is the TV, and this “TV Stand / Media Console / Entertainment Unit” places your TV in the optimum position for long-term enjoyment. Your eyes and your neck will thank you 🙂



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▸ Body – Panasonic GH5 |
▸ Lens – Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 |
▸ Lens – Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 |





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Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Check him out on under the name “Sleepy Pablo”.
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Brian Bergin says:

Hi Chris. Which table saw is it that you’re using in the video?

John Made it says:

awesome build and video. as you said i think the man cave is just a place to get away from kids, wife’s and annoying things.. and its also a place to keep stuff that the wife wont let us keep in the main living space 🙂

Michael Beatie says:

Man your videos are so good. Damn.

2platinumchainz says:

I definitely don’t have a drill but have a computer and phone. What kind of shit intro is that?

David N says:

Or the dodgers…!

Mauro Miranda says:

Congratulations! Beautiful job.

Yuu Smith says:

Thank you for sharing! There’s a TrueValue in my neighborhood… It just seems like no one knows what they’re doing every time I go in. I’m going to try this DIY and hopefully they can assist with cutting some of the wood…

Clieef Alfri says:

love it

Nimesh Nagururu says:

can you make a futon pls

cory w says:

Nice build, thanks bro.

Peter Bauer says:

lol, i love how this video got ripped apart on r/DIY just a few hours ago. The moderator had to lock the comment section because of all the pretentious hipster bull this advertisement tries to pull.

Check it out, if anyone is interested

Click Woodwork says:

Great video it’s always a joy

dedeyiccj says:

Good job 🙂
Is that a dwe7491 ? Is it a good value for money ? Not many reviews on this saw…

psyave says:

Hi from Australia!s

Mate! Looks great. I’ve made a few things at home… coffee table, dining table, hall stand. But they are all designs where i didnt have to cut ultra straight and none would be the wiser. Me and the misses are looking at combining our tv cabinet and glass cabinet into one long unit and i think this will be project for it. Thank you for the quick tips on how to cut large pieces straight, im pretty much always lost on how to get 90 degree cuts.

Ps. Da Bears!

Dan Drungus says:

You said you’d link the man cave build in the description. Have they not posted it yet?

Raf Ren says:

are you scared of kickback cutting pieces that are wider than they are longer, on the table saw?

Jacob Anderson says:

Awesome! tons of great tips! What is the model of table saw?

DIY KEL says:


Jamie Corcoran says:

Your videos are excellent!

Mario Mikschovsky says:

Awww. That is so sweet of you ^^

Spencer Baker says:

Dude you need to get some push blocks for your table saw. Watching you push the wood past the blade with your hands and standing over the blade was giving me major anxiety

xxjdrxx says:

What happened to the Grizzly table saw?

Games Account says:

Cost of materials?

Peter Barta says:

You’re really great at this. All of it.

techo205 says:

you got awesome neighbors

karmapilots says:

The option you made with the hairpin stands, does the stand sag in the middle because of no skirting? I think it might because of the length. But I like the stand. It gives a nice retro vibe.

John Luongo says:

Sag much?

Adulations says:

Sponsored by dewalt now huh?

Anthony Vandel says:

Nice video!! Maybe the one I was looking for. I bought a new 65” tv and plan on making a tv stand since mine is 70 inch, it doesn’t look bad but still wanted something bigger to go along with a wood fascia witch is 8ft long. I have the tools but I’m a little bit worried since its plywood……. can I srew 3/4 sideways or should I use a jig tool??

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