Furniture Flip

An old, beat up dresser gets a major makeover in this furniture flip. This tutorial will show you not only how that was done, but it gives you an idea of what you can expect to invest in both time and money to take on a similar project.

This video tutorial gets a lot of criticism because I used particle board, which was a rookie mistake on my part. But the important thing is to take on a project, period. I guarantee you will learn something from it regardless of how it turns out. Believe me, I learned a lot from this one. In the end, I sold it for more than I anticipated in the video because I had several interested buyers driving the price up. But again, I didn’t take on this project for the money. I did it for the love of it, and for the challenge.

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Brandon Lee Sanders says:

You earned $6 an hour flipping this furniture

Mama Sylvia says:

it looks so pretty

Naughty Hotdog says:


Billy'S World of CRAZY! says:

not sure who would spend $150 on that. Pretty ugly!

John Schlicker says:

You’re a better person than I am. The moment I saw particle board I would have just left it at the curb. And the rotted leg looked like a small dog’s favorite place to pee. Good job on the restore though, I like how you painted it.

Susan Racine says:

I painted the same furniture with Rustolium Fire Engine Red, and it was so beautiful.

Raymond Wilson says:

Sawdust and glue furniture.

anna belle says:

Hi.  I’m distracted from watching your video because your face looks so familiar.  Weren’t you a news anchor in the Bay Area back in, I want to say, the 80’s or 90’s?  If I’m right, it’s coming through so clearly in your presentation – smooth, professional.  Just curious.  Thanks!

Kathy Courtney says:

Love it!! Thanks for the advice!

Lucidrequiem says:

The black and white with the pink…….seriously…..why?

Steven Turner says:

ok job but fail to see how you spent 23 hours on that

DEBRA BronzeNyc17 says:

Cute I love it

Nena says:

colors are hideous

old english clocks 1640 to 1700 says:

15 times $30/hr you already have $450 invested. These labors of love are quite interesting. but you do seem to be having fun.

Shameca Rose says:

yea u pretty much made it altogether.. not much profit would be made from this .. with all the time spent and material. it was well worth it tho becsude it looks great

NoomaStar says:

I think your paint design is very cute, it reminds me of the sweet / classic colors of Parisian aesthetic. Some of the commentators are really tearing this down, needlessly.

Jayce Rulez says:

that’s so ugly

alex nyc says:

reminds me of a french pastry shop. lovely for a girls room.

Bohemian's Antiques says:

I’ll be honest, I think a real wood piece of furniture is always the best way to start. Pressed wood will only get you so far. But honestly, you did a nice job and you seemed to have a lot of fun! And your video was great! Thanks for being honest about the amount of time it took too! Furniture projects are always a labor of love! 🙂

Green Kitty says:

It turned out really cute but how come you don’t have any protection for your eyes and ears?

Peaceful Hooligan says:

What did you sell this piece for? I have a similar piece I am in the process of restoring and I’d like a realistic idea of sales price. Thanks!

frank mendoza says:

23 hours if you pay yourself $15 an hour thats $345 plus $55 for cost thats $400 no way jose

Victoria Park says:

No, your videos are not any good, because they are too short and you are not explaining a whole lot of things! Both thumbs down!!

Kimberly Player-Bulsara says:


Ronald Sanchez says:

I would never revive PB or MDF; these are throwaways!

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