DIY “Zig Zag” Sofa | How to make a modern couch

Full instructions here:
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The frame for the sofa is made out of 2x4s, 2x10s, and 3/4″ sanded pine plywood from The Home Depot. The foam for the cushions was from:
i ordered the following: Cushion, Lux Foam – High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP Dimensions: 3″ x 24″ x 66″ and Dimensions: 3″ x 18″ x 66″
the leather come from Tandy Leather and was the most expensive part. I will show how to use canvas or an old blanket in a future video as a more affordable option.


Zlothra says:

What software are you using?

Nathan Dutoit says:

Sofa/table, genius 😀

HomeMadeModern says:

hi everyone! the site’s been updated with step-by-step instructions (with a downloadable pdf) of this project!

Powerofriend says:

Engineering pen pricks to the back of the neck..

wakarocker says:

Todo chueco…

Terri Gelbaum says:

Clever design. But I would have made the cushions plusher and a bit bigger to fit end to end. I definitely plan to steal this for myself. The “,having the gang over to watch the big game”,aspect makes this a real winner for a small space.

Balls Williamson says:

One of the best DIY videos on youtube, all done with easy to get tools and mostly done on the floor !
no fancy work stations and tables or fancy tools, great job !

sdfghj says:

holy shit this is genius

Renato Mungi Ricci says:

barry allen would love this tutorial

Arnold Blake says:

What software did you use in the beginning?

Home Decor says:


RK Gomes says:

Thanks! Great DIY how-to!

Yellow Waffle AQ3D says:

I’ll call it… back to school sofa.

fermin cenabre says:

love ur vid

Jun Steed says:

nice idea.

Robert Camaj says:

Tour of your house !!


i am GOD AWFUL at DIY but want this so if you ever sell it – please let me know 🙁

KK89 says:

I feel anxious when you’re sawing above the floor and have nothing to protect it. :O

cretnotonic says:

do you sell these? You’re amazing!!

Julie Cowe says:

I wonder if there’s a way to make a hinge so it can recline into a futon?

Armando Ramirez says:

exelente saludos mty. n.l México

Carlos Ygor says:

Could I use OSB for seat, countertop and the back?

Alonzo Branson says:

Here’s hoping your grandparents don’t have any issues getting up from this seat.

Pat Claar says:

”pepe amazing plan” (Google it), is certainly a detailed woodworking book! By making use of this plan, I was able to use words, drawings, real pictures and various diagrams. It is incredibly informative and helps me feel like I could help my sibling while we create our furniture together.

david villacorta says:

Perfect design, but site crashes when I load it 🙁

Colin Léger says:

Nice, I took notes and this might make it in my basement home theater!

blacksunrise says:

3 in the front and 3 in the back?? Sounds painful, I feel bad for Jesse…

John Tse says:

I have to say, this is amazing!

MackTube says:

Why not just use vinyl for the seat cover?

Cris not your buisness says:

Murphy Bed!!!!!

Trea Brady says:


Scott Lee Webb says:

Hi I’d love to your concept design for a Barcelona chaise day bed, these are so simple to make yet they are extremely expensive and overpriced. Minus the various options for padding, fabrics, etc a DIY from your mind not a fabrication machine would be greatly valued. If anyone can do it, it is you. Thanks again for inspiring me to be creative and build furniture again.

Ernie Salas says:

this is awesome!! the only thing i would’ve changed is put more money into getting quality foam maybe something thicker

Mauro Miranda says:

very good guy

Dandy Miravalles says:

you earned a subscriber ^^, very nice tutorial

EKOWHO says:

I live this!

John Reynolds says:


Marianna Falari says:

good stuff guys.

Justine Helleson says:

HomeMadeModern : This turned out Fantastic!! I’m working on patio furniture made from Pallets. It’s basically an “L.” I want to make the piece at the end of the patio to be able to flip, so I can socialize with guests, then flip seat and backrest so that it can face to Woods. Any suggestions on how I can make it happen. It’s made of REALLY Good WOOD, even though it’s made of Pallets. I don’t know if I should install a few tracks with wheels, or if I could slide, flip and Lock into place so that the backrest becomes the seat and the seat becomes the backrest. Any input would be awesome!! Thanks!!!

Brian Olsen says:

Although it would be heavier I would probably consider slatting the cushion sides with 1x3s or 1x4s instead of a piece of plywood.

Carlos Vigil says:

That is awesome! Thanks

james chan says:

That’s so awesome 🙂

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