DIY Sofa made out of 2x10s

This wood framed DIY sofa made from 2x10s is simple and durable, with a modern style. It can be built around almost any sofa cushions you might have or even a single mattress if you want it to double as a daybed. I salvaged some cushions from an ikea sofa whose frame had broken. Pile pillows along the sturdy, solid-wood sides and back to make this a perfect daybed for a couple to lounge on.

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Chiehyuan Lin says:

This is very great work.

DimplePoji says:

Damn! I wish have that speed when building things

georgiaridgerunner 79 says:

homemade modern great video …thanks for uploading ….question how comfortable is this as i am considering building this as i will be building a tiny house soon and am gonna want to build custom furniture to fit…

Blanca Zavala says:

Nice and easy!!

Fabiana Cristina da Silva Esteves says:

lindooo! Faz um pra mim? kiss you

Mae Sampang says:

Loooveeeeeeeeee it! I’ll try to make one. I hope it’s easy to make 🙂

علي الزيداوي علي الزيداوي says:


Tina Tarantina says:

that’s really cool.

Robert Brunston says:

I like them but I bet they are real heavy! Thanks.

11swallowedinthesea says:

My dad and I really enjoyed your vid!

Roger says:

The money you spent on these REQUIRED fancy tools, in addition to the time and hassle of actually building this would well exceed the cost of buying one, to include the cost of having it professionally installed.

Samantha Glass says:

how many 2×10’s?

SimplyK says:

is there a way i make the back recline and the bottom extend to make like a futon

twicebitten thasme says:

Hmm…another “bought tools and now a carpenter”?

52lorenzo says:

You have great ideas, thank you for the inspirations. Kind regards from Mexico

Deborah Durham says:

I love this and want this…. to find someone who can do it….?????

Nourdine Ohamo says:

nice work, good luck 🙂

michele vitarelli says:

bravo. great project and video. thanks for sharing.

Osiris Calheiros says:


Selena Wilson says:

This is nice for a college dorm 🙂

Zachary Anderson says:

We’re the biscuits enough?

Skelletor Jo says:

hard to believe that just the glue is strong enough to hold the sofa together.

DIY - A Minha Bancada says:

Good job, this spectacular, I’m a beginner in DIY, visit my workbench and give me your opinion, hug

jan ko says:


soufiane benhaida says:

good job

Husti99 says:


Park Sharks says:

Donald Judd is rolling over in his grave.

Максим Калита says:

недолго она проживет на скрепленных металических уголках…

Walter Brennon Jr says:

Nice. But very simple.

disgirlinda says:

Wow cool!

jean carlos barbosa de jesus says:

woohoo que responssa…

Axel Castilll says:

como se llama esa maquina con la que hace los orificios para los tarugos?

Kenric Wee says:

how many pieces of 2×10 did you use?

Aji Sumbaga says:

what oil do you use to varnish?

Cris not your buisness says:

Murphy bed please!

Faizl Don says:

Good job bro..thanks share

Justin Carroll says:

Would dows be strong enough to join the boards?

Neelam Singh says:

simply beautiful A natural look sofa

Anthony Prochaska says:

this won’t work on heavier-set ppl bc this will crack right in the middle. So Sturdiness rating = 2/10. Should probably another 2×4 in the middle underneath there

Joanne Chesley says:

Oh yeah…. this is definitely my next project! I just need to get the biscuit joiner.

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