Hi dolls!! I’ve had a ton of you on here and Instagram request a video on how I paint my furniture. I’m a complete rookie at it, but so far, I’ve been happy with how my painted furniture has turned out. So today, I bring to you a video on how I paint my furniture. I’ve included my mistakes in there as well lol 😉 Hope you enjoy!

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Cordelia Maria Del Rey says:

You have such a eye for design! Everything is looking great with the house, babes!

bori2kewt says:

Curious will you be doing a house tour when you’re done?

E. Ramirez says:

Is your home decore page on YouTube as well?

Emociional says:

They came out so beautiful!

Jennifer Martinez says:

I have old wood furniture from the 70’s bedroom set I would love to do this too

dark gyspy says:

Vampy gothic style love it! My taste and life style. Love your house decor and the colours. You look so gorgeous as always. I hate the heat and sweating. I feel there. Have a awesome day.

greeniejoey says:

I love those night stands. You should also post about searching for furniture for your home.


Don’t get me wrong I love black but thats to much black in the house

therealaceofsp88 says:

U painted those? Y theyre antiques !? Oh well they look nice

seekinghealth says:

you did good! and that painting was sooo relaxing 🙂

India Mcadams says:

Love it

Kim Gutierrez says:

Will you be making a video of adding the lining to the drawers?

D/es says:

I’m really enjoying the home stuff and your home instagram!

M a r i a says:

You should be an interior designer, your taste is perfection!!!

Liz G says:

Hey girl have u considered cabinet/furniture spray paint? I’m also a rookie and my diy have turned out pretty good with that I even have a spray paint gun that makes things a lot easier

dina jeffcoat says:

Love diying home decor. I have an awesome thrift store near my home and mu whole home is decorated with thrifted finds. My husband has been a professional painter in his past and cringes when i bust out my spray paint or try to paint anything. Honestly, nobody who enters your home will notice if the painting is imperfect. They are too busy being in awe! Your home is beautiful. I love the chandelier. I go for a bold, boho, Scandinavian look??? Its my own and i like to call it old lady chic.

Julia R.V. says:

I don’t know why I never thought to just paint my furniture lol. I have different colored furniture, and it looks crazy. So thank you SOOOO much for this video. You made it look so easy too! I love the decor in your home by the way, It’s all so beautiful.
Ps: I think it’s hilarious how impatient you are and how you didn’t obsess over how to do it “correctly.” Lmao. Because I’m like this too. And it came out really nice so who cares!

Annabel Diaz says:

U actually did a great job

Miriam Lopez says:

Love love love your home it’s beautiful .

Sofia Lopez says:


Megan Dornbush says:

Looks so good! I thought I was the only one who doesn’t like my things touching old wood lol.

Joyce Maestas says:

Ashley it looks amazing. Good job. I’m doing the same thing cause my husband and I are buying a new house and I love love ❤️ doing DIY

Nita Ruplinger says:

I’ve been following you for years and I love you and jay! I say to my husband that you guys are the more Hispanic version of us lmao! But now I’m convinced because we have those same exact pictures (Frankenstein & bride) in our bedroom as well!!

Valeri Oliva says:

Is anything going to effect the paint if you clean them, like Pledge or whatever?

ericabondage says:

Giiiiirl, I’m all about that DIY life lol the night stands came out beautiful, great job!!! You should post more “Don’t follow my directions” DIYs!!!

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