DIY Outdoor Sofa

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Dimensioned drawings for this DIY Outdoor sofa made out of tropical hardwood decking are here:

I considered using Ipe deck boards to build this sofa but ended up picking Cumaru boards instead since I liked the color better and they were cheaper. if you want to see more project plans for DIY outdoor furniture like sofas and couches let me know in the comment section.

I used a cordless circular saw, jigsaw, orbital sander, and drill from:

Link to Cumaru decking:
I bought 8-foot long 1” x 5-1/2” boards for $25.52 each from

Link to seat cushions:

Paste wax for sealing the ends

Teak Oil

Link to waterproof wood glue:

RZ masks are my favorite dusk masks!

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Antonio Carlos de Andrade Mendes says:

Excelente projeto, muito obrigado.

Alexandre da Cunha says:

Very nice! probably one of the best sofa designs. The simplicity and versatility. Absolutely perfect

Eduarda Silva says:

Amei ❤



iderpalot says:

jesse always looks so relaxed when she sits on one of the chairs or sofas 😀 great couch, i love the simplicity

Maple_Dude says:

No head rest?

Myles Cummings says:

Nice design. Not sure about the choice of a Tropical Hardwood for timber though. And if your encouraging people to recreate your design, don’t you have a responsibility to ensure that your at least trying to source from a sustainable source?

Cumala for those that are interested is also known as Brazilian Teak, (although it bears no relation to ‘normal’ Teak), and is named after an idigenous tribe. Over logging in Indonesian teak forests means that teak wood is now extremely scarce and also expensive..

Cumala is not listed as endangered …yet.

Seven petals held by my heart says:

another amazing easy build 🙂

Hamad A.Hamad says:


Nonplussed Productions says:

Last website update was in early January, when can we expect an article with the demension drawings? Description also doesn’t link back to website.

impjig says:

did anyone notice mike from modern builds helping? check his channel he is good


Vou fazer

Mactriz says:

Great job 😉

Tony LaRose says:

Instead of Jungle wood why not Elm?

Fred Banionis says:

Odd… Garapa’s the term we use here in Brazil refering to suggar cane’s juice

Golden Duck says:

Looks really bad

Patrick Edgett says:

Just added this to my build list for this spring! Great design and use of materials (as usual).

nyinfamous2k2 says:

Modern builds and cameo spotted lol Man I really like the way that came out

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

I’ve never heard of that wood before. It has a really great look to it. Nice job, Ben!

Dave Williams says:


mike a says:

good great like it

Alejandra Alonso says:

Que hermoso

Stumptown Woodworks says:

That’s either a new bottle of whiskey or you guys have switched to beer while on the maker ranch. I love that it was in this video and the scaffolding bed video. Also, you got me seriously wanting to make this for our deck at home, i went to the advantage lumber site and really like the look of tiger wood.

JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!

Southern Style DIY says:

Awesome! Has a very tranquil feel to it. Like it should be near a fountain

Bacon Wizard says:

The wood fits together so nice that it reminds me of Lego.

Frank Johnson says:

Just saw your Moen ad in front of this video. That’s some next level YouTube-ing right there.

Chipped Builds says:

That looks so nice. Love that it comes apart.

Gio Noniashvili says:

This is an amazing project and I like how you take notice of everything that could improve quality of it, one thing that I thought about the seat was that the middle part seemed too flexible when you sat on it, if anything I would add another small leg in the middle for better support but I don’t know how it really feels when you sit on it so I can’t really prove my point but anyways, it’s an awesome project without a doubt.

oojagapivy says:

I like the build-up construction of the legs. Very accessible to many.

Toni L. says:

Would you post a link to those saw horses?

Jack Toy says:

Anyone else think he’ll get a MacArthur fellowship? What ben is doing is truely amazing with quality furniture made out of nice materials but not too expensive so he can compete with a place like Ikea but has the quality and flexibility of custom handcrafted furniture

Aeon Maujean says:

Bulleit. Nice. They a lowkey sponsor?

TheFancyUmbreon says:

Aww… I thought you were gonna make the cushions too… Wanna build my own couch someday with a bunch of compartments and stuff in it, so I’ll probably have to make my own cushions for it as well and have no idea how to.

Jeff Layman says:

Please tell Jess that grey and black are entirely too close and at first glance they appear to be the same color. She’s got a reputation to uphold.

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