DIY Modern Sofa | How to make a sofa out of plywood

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We got all of the leather supplies from Tandy Leather.

we used one and a half Serengeti whole hides in gold

we used 1/4″ grommets to reinforce the holes

The foam for the cushions was from:
i ordered the following: Cushion, Lux Foam – High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP Dimensions: 3″ x 24″ x 66″ and Dimensions: 3″ x 18″ x 66″


Maurina Nena says:

Muito bom amei todos lindo de mais

Catherine Larkin says:

I like a larger seat space, and a shorter back in my modern style, but I really like your use of plywood “stacks.” Cool!

kostas kariofillis says:


Herve Standaert says:

Je trouve ça super!!

Noah Langer says:

How much does it end up weighing?

Nikki Ezzell says:

I need something light. I’m tired of having to wait till my husbands home to clean under the couch. Also he rushes me so, it doesn’t really get cleaned.

Timmyssiii Kellerino says:

No answer? I really want the Description

Smart Fren says:

tlg pk bhsa indonesia aja. saya suka bnget vidionya. tlg ukurannya trimaksh. trs kreasi y. di tggu yg br lg

Doreen Phillip says:

Just looking at this, am thinking wow could use this as a bed by making the headboard so it lies flat, what about giving my idea a go?

Miguel Estrella says:

Nice job brother, i want to see more this videos like this

Benjamin Wyrick says:

I’m totally making this.

Medford kanyi says:

Great project. I like the way it is so straight forward. Can this design be extended to a three seater? If yes, what would be the things to consider?

pravin chouhan says:


TwitchyGene says:

Is this sex safe?

Studio 39 Design Studio says:

I am not really into DIY, but this was so interesting, enough to get me into it.

Rodrigo Martinez says:


Xaq Fixx says:

Would love to see a futon version of this.

MGTorque says:

One of the best tutorials ever. Great format & editing – direct and to the point.

Jake Klucha says:

why are all your plugs upside down

Jose Leon says:


CaliToys says:

Good Work, a video has to watch several times

McCauley's Design says:

Nice work Ben. That’s a pretty amazing design!

lilly waters says:

love this design

kostas kariofillis says:

fantastic…and so simple!!!

Romeo Azuelo says:

can’t find this on your website.

Richard Gladle says:

it will be nice if I could do this… I have no money and no place to put it if I did.

Michael Cooke says:

How much was the total build ? If you dont mind me asking?

Petrichor West says:

genius! fantastic!

Devendra Sawant says:

can also we making storage below the seating??

richard zapatero says:

Love the video and creativity. Keep inspiring us

Danilo Lopes says:


Joshua Burton says:

Very well done. How much was the wood and leather?

ratrod diesels says:

i like fletcher

yoda woya says:

Nice but tooooo many cuts .. could you create a version that is minimalistic in terms of the build process??


Cara, parabéns sem palavras pelo seu trabalho, moro numa região em que há muitos alagamentos e enchentes, a forma como vc conduz seu trabalho é EXCELENTE!!!! O fato de disponibilizar tudo em seu site, para que qualquer um possa replicar é FANTASTICO alem de BARATO. Concluindo. SEU TRABALHO É INOVADOR-DESIGN FORA DE SERIE – INTELIGENTE – RAPIDO- PRATICO e acima de tudo vc é de um EDUCAÇÃO E SENSIBILIDADE UNA!!!! PARABÉNS!!!!!!!

She Pisces says:

Please do a Tutorial on a couch for tall people.

Rogsder says:

Well I dont know if my teacher would accept this for a homework

Luis E Vargas says:

q mal explicado, ademas no muestra los detalles

Jorge Glez says:

Would you recommend the Ryobi saw over a DeWALT one?

Saeed Javed says:

could you make a wall-mounted desk?


Vc é muito FODA!!!!!!PARABENS!!!!!!!!!!

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