DIY Modern Sofa | How To Build With 1 Sheet of Plywood – Woodworking

Plans:… In this video, I’ll show you how to build a modern sofa using a single sheet of ¾” plywood! The upholstery on this sofa was super simple and I used readily available materials to make the cushions. I have links to all of the items below, in case you want to build this sofa for yourself.

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Purebond Plywood :
Arrow Fastener :

Materials Used For The Plywood Sofa:

1 4×8 sheet of ¾” Purebond plywood :
1 1⁄4” Powerhead screws :
2 1⁄2” Powerhead screws :
General Finishes Enduro Var :
Wood Glue :

For The Cushions:

Arrow 5/16″ Staples :
¼ of a 4×8 sheet of 1⁄2” plywood or two 2’ x 4’ panels :
Upholstery Fabric : JOANN or other fabric store
6 feet of 1” x 60” Medium Fiber Fill or Batting :
Foam Padding, Lux Regular for the seat and HD36 for the back :
Spray Adhesive :
Electric Knife :

Tools Used:

Arrow DCDT50 Cordless Stapler :
Circular Saw :
Circular Saw Straight Edge Guide :…
Jigsaw :
Drill :
Router :
Flush Trim Bit :
Chamfer Bit :
FastCap Flushmount Drill Bit :






jasmine Rodriguez says:

Exactly was I was looking for it!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bakthavathsal Kadambi says:

Yet another great project for DIYs, which has become a routine habit for you. Thanks for another project of that genre.

Anselmo Carlos says:

Trabalho fabuloso absolutamente extraordinário

Kalla Mant says:

You made this look so gard and how may ppl have all these tools laying around. Thanks for nothing

Javier Llorca says:

It’s a really great job, Hi, from Argentina !!###

Jose Daniel Villegas says:

OMG that cat earned the like…and the craft of course

Vivek Patil says:


Robin L says:

Good job!

Pinoy MMa Fighter #Amboy says:

damn cool

Klaus Skrudland says:

What is that you’re using as a sacrificial board on the workbench there?

Jorge Salo says:

very nice project , modern look !

majd kiswani says:

actually i like your work ! it great, buy can you tell me what kind of wood and sponge you have used ?

CajonIndia says:

Nice work….how did you create that seal ?

Eduardo Machado says:

Were you got that stamp made?

Patrici G. Adrec says:

Uuuufff well done ..!

Jamie Smith says:

very impressive, great job on the upholstery too!

Kyle Norris says:

Looks like a Miniture church pew

Matt Stanislen says:

what is the angle of the back, and do you really need to double up the 2 plywood sides?

Junio Sabino says:

Tem uma vaga de emprego aí pra mim

Azad Panchii says:

Good work,, man.your work is wonderful and amazing .Check your right thigh at 10.09,don’t mind sir ,you gave more importance to work , …..

سارة عبد اللطيف says:

I like it I like the way you work with

Leo says:

These screws look sooo clean oO

Rene Castellanos sanchez says:

Muy bonito ese mueble y sencillo

Margaret Gust says:

This is nice, but some of us don’t have tools. BY the time you buy them, you could buy a sofa.

Eduardo Machado says:


milan kaushik says:

Nice sofa good job

Rafael Gonzalez says:

Excelente trabajo.

Deddycation says:

wtf. it’s really freaking cool, man !!!

Otaku Nirvana says:

As a professional painter note to all dyi people go up to 220 sand paper anything lower than 200 you run risk of scratch marks that feel smooth but look ruff, also lightly sand with 320 or 420 between coats.

Владислав Мончинский says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 really helped with making of my own!

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