DIY Mirror Home Decor 2019 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Mirror Furniture!

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DIY Mirror Home Decor 2019 | Dollar Tree DIY Glam Mirror Furniture!

Hi everyone thank you for watching! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed! As promised here is the next mirrored furniture piece my husband made. I’m so excited with how this came outI I hope you are having a great weekend! Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see a mirror furniture series and let me know what you want us to make next! 🙂


Table Top: 48in L x 14in W
Sides of table: (x2) 30in H x 8in W
Top base: 41.5in L x 8in W
Bottom base: 48in L x 13in W
Back support: (x2) 41.5in L x 8in W

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Jeanine Hedgepeth says:

Beautiful! I would love to see you make a glam 3 tiered tray. I want to make one to display my coffee cups, but not sure how to do it.

Chicago Sports says:


Cnemekia Brown says:


latonya smith says:

That first table if ya’ll would have made the top a little wider, it could have been a wine bar/ bar(just an idea) or yall can just make one and show us how to do it!

Michelle Cameron says:


Milagros Caban says:

Table would have been nicer without bottom piece. Looks very awkward. But, great job.

Eve Reyes says:

This is beautiful…Hubby has great ideas and I’m so happy you both are sharing. Blessings..

Tina Peterson says:

Yes more mirrored furniture please!! Love this! I wish my husband was handy

imani says:

Loved this project tell your hubby well done it clearly shows that one can have high end mirrored furniture without have to spend enormous amounts of money as mirror furniture is very expensive. Yes would like to see your mirrored furniture channel.

Mossa Fadi says:

I love it ♡♡

Veronica Eskridge says:

Did you make the mirror or bought it?

Aracely Villarreal says:

Where did you get the circle mirror

RuFFGirlReviews says:

Thanks finally a Thumbnail that is what it says it is

Mercedes Diaz Cruz says:

Beautiful. Love it.

Joan Hackney says:

I love the candle holders but I think they get lost with the mirror above.  I loved both #1 and 2 but Id loved to see the second one with either a smaller square or a round doily-like.                     THUMBS UP!

Jo Donnatien says:

Love this piece just as much as the other 2. Looks so expensive

StyledBy Kira says:

You guys have done it again! I’m loving all the fun and affordable DIY furniture that you are creating!

Giorgos Lamprakis says:

Hello. Congratulations on the excellent work.
My name is Katerina and I am from Greece I have watched all the video
and immensely for new ones.
And I’m sorry, my English is not so good

Trell TV says:

So freakin helpful, you may have just put me on to some big moves lol Thank you for sharing this information with us. Showing love from Kansas City. I just subbed. Sub back?

jay hollis says:

I just started following you and I love your work

tamdee great says:

That table is beautiful

Chinonso Amadi says:

What di you do to the back support? The video wasnt clear to me…I know you added mirrors on the bottom..nice project!

Blanqui's Creations says:

Thank You, for saying those words…All your Diys are Beautiful, I always watch your videos, yet I barely ever comment on any videos I watch…which I should.
Your words at the end of the video…are very comforting.
Thank you & God Bless

Nancy Morales says:

That look great. Can wait for next one

Donna Lockliear says:

Where did u get that place mat. Love all ur projects

Julie Bonavita says:

Ok I know this is a dumb question…but I cant tell what you did on the front? On the upper part I see wall so I assume its open but are there mirrors on the bottom part across the front? what did you attach them to? What did you do on the inside fo the sides where you mirrored them? are they visible? why am I not seeing the way this looks correctly? gawd im a dope

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