DIY marble furniture

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the marble:
Tv light:

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Jennifer Fields says:


Torie Paige says:

Does contact paper come off? Does it damage the furniture bellow? (In case you ever needed it off or wanted the change it)

Gabriela Nunes says:

Can u make a video with or about your dogs? Like funny stories, how its like to live with them, how u got them and stuff like that. It’s kinda different from your content but I think it’ll be nice. Love ya.

Laura Land says:

Love it! More DIY!

Shhhabbbaa says:

Love this love you Emily ❤️❤️❤️

Kaitie Del Rey says:

Amber Scholl does this too

T. D says:

Turned out great!!!

Sydney Cook says:

I love you and David’s relationship. Y’all are so cute!

Michelle Pack says:

Girl looks good I’m totally copying!!!

toxxic says:

now i wish i had a table to do this with

Senpais favorite says:

Really good idea, looks amazing

Ari Taylor says:

Nice!! I gotta try this! I would love it if you posted more furniture diys

Kendall Bacon says:

great idea and super cute! Love you<3

ArtIsABangYeah says:

i need more DIYs!!

Kerstein Sellears says:

Love it! I would like to see the mirror night stand!

babyjaney1 says:

Really love the look of them sweetie.Don’t you both work well together? You’re both so sweet X

ChelseaSize says:

i dont know anyone who doesnt like DIY videos lol also love the pet cam! hehe

Darrla Dawkins says:


yohan wesley says:

Hi my gf loves your content she is wondering if your boyfriend streams? Cool setup

jennifer Dereby says:

From Portland too! Well from NJ. I love how your bf just comes.over. I had Christmas stickers this year. My bf had to come over and take over to help me and fix my rushed mistakes. Love all your vids!


Wow, that turned out really nice! Love your little ears 🙂

Janelle McCollum says:

That is so smart ! Make me wanna redo my room lol great video!

Starlight And Highlights says:

Yes do the diy!!!!!

Taylor Espinoza says:

Its so pretty!!!

chanttay cole says:

I really love your videos and i like your DIY videos verry helpful x

Bria Thompson says:

Ooh turned out nice. Looks expensive as fuck lol

Smokingpurple Music says:

I have the same cabinet with a tv on it :p

Sydney Lindgren says:

So cool when David makes guest appearances.

Kims_Kwest says:

Love it

Alexis Grimes says:

Reallyyy niceeee!!!

Dana May says:

How durable has it been on your vanity? Makeup destroys everything!

kristen roth says:

love your videos !!

7oda Gamer///محمود دسوقى says:

I want 100 subscribers only. Can you appreciate it

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