DIY – How to Make: Doll POP ART Modern Couch | DOLL FURNITURE CRAFT

by request: We’ve got the PERFECT accessory for your Dollhouse! Make your Dolls this POP ART inspired Modern Couch today! … It’s the perfect Doll Furniture PLUS Piece of Art!

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Leila Thomas says:

Fluffy purple tulip!!

Ocean Girl says:

i love the couch and Sophie’s hair!

Pray Hard Shoot Straight says:

I don’t really know what to think…

S&N Sqaud says:

i love ur channel can u subscribe to mine

Janelle 12 says:

i liket the old look of Sophie

tabkins says:

cute. thanks for including measurements

LunaCallaway-AnakinFan says:

MyFroggyStuff- Can you make a custom Anakin Skywalker doll? But when he was a Jedi, like his look in Revenge of the Sith? Thanks! Awesome craft! Love the Froggy Family!

Areen Gharra says:

how I can put another glue gun stick when it ends?

Firdaus Belal says:

please make a doll hotel with swimming pool

Sherida Hassankhan says:

make a cruise ship and a mall

Akshaya Ramkumar says:

admit it….. Froggy’s voice and videos are some real stress busters

Misbah Khan - Esker Lake PS (1475) says:

MyFroggystuffcan you please make a kpop room

Janiyah Wright says:

ive been wacthing your video’s. sence i was four now im 10

aquadrop and mlp says:

can you please make a bird cage and accessories?

Elizabeth Anne Dean says:

Can you make a slime bedroom video

Biby's Art Vlog says:

Can you give me a shoutout please

bintou jawara says:

come on i was this close of making it but i dont have the tolls can you send me one and a bed room maby the house

Cassidy Cisco says:


Princess Siannakay says:

My foggy stuff can you play roblox in a live stream

Leticia Melendez says:

quit asking tea shirts

Zoey0526 says:

MyFroggyStuff you should make a YouTube themed bedroom btw love your work

Meme Taylor says:

A doll lego room

Harlie Wiskus says:

could you make a dream house out of cardboard

Panda Tashkandi says:


i love craft for barbie says:

how do you edit your video

Fluffy Dog lover says:

Who else scrolls down the comment and then realises that the vid is finished

teddy bear plush Adventures says:

can you make a dress for a large lalaloopsy doll

Misi Is awesome says:

Can you make a miraculous inspired room

Shelby Johnroe says:

MyFroggyStuff can u make
Doll size tic-tacs
A doll neck pillow for the airports
And can you try to make a mickey mouse (doll size) stuffed animal
kind of like the elf on the shelf

aquadrop and mlp says:

I bet you could make a simpler version by painting the bottle caps instead of using felt, but obviously it wouldn’t look as nice 🙂

Misi Is awesome says:

Can you make a shopping mall

CERBERO 89 says:

you’re record the Sophie’s New look?

Cute Chocolate Chip Cookie says:

does anyone know any music that I can use without getting copy write

Jodumdolls ! says:

omg I cant believe you gave me a shoutout thanks so much you guys are like my crafting idols I still cant believe you gave me a shoutout!!! ahhhh you guys are so fabsome

Hannah Banana says:

Dear Froggy! Please make at least one of the following!

1. Little Froggy’s Daycare
2. Children’s Hospital
3. Modern House
4. Science Lab
5. Froggys resturant
6. Build a Frog shop

That’s all my ideas for now, I might come up with more soon!

Misi Is awesome says:

My froggy stuff can give me a shout out

Craft Tastic says:

Why did you this time said happy crafting ? Why the little girl who is your sister/or daughter didn’t say it ??

waffle kitty says:

Great diy! Here is a quick question: do you watch Steven universe? If so, what’s your favorite episode? Nice did. Thanks!

Inaya Fontaine says:

shooting basically scientific particular trade challenge respectively glad.

Annisa Suherman says:

O knew that its made by plastic bottle tops as soon as i see the chair

My Doll Movies says:

MY froggy stuff pleassssseeee make either a Rapunzels Tower or Beasts Castle or just something Disney if anyone else has ideas of what she wants to make comment down below

Misi Is awesome says:

I love your crafts

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