DIY Furniture For Your Pets

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Silly Crow says:

Window perch with suction cups=catapocolypse

Maui Sanchez says:


Sharon Hill says:

Anything for big dogs?

hummingbird says:

really like your uploads!! thank you!

Gina Machuta says:

Please buy a speed square. It’ll make things so much easier and make everything with corners look better

cactaroos spikey says:


Emprees DIY says:

I actually don’t have a pet but I am planning to get one so the projects were really helpful

Rion Sealtiel Garcia says:

Is there a diy for pet fishes XD

Nina DirniMiezenberger says:

Looks cute but not very practical (the sweater pillow bed) bc you cannot wash it, the pillow won’t dry inside the sweater. I’ll make one but I’ll use velcro to close the ends instead of sewing the pillow in.

Kimberly O'Neill says:

Loved the music.

Denise Bugliari Armenio says:

Uhmmm…. déja-vu….

Hedvig says:

Could we have one for rabbits too?

The_Beautiful_ Banana says:

Oof I think I’m first

Golden Donut says:

do diys for rats

Vanessa A says:

I watched it for the pets

Zane Naiang says:

How about hamsters

_____yiya _____ says:

I mean I would do these but my pet is a turtle…….

MorgueInn says:

Yeah…. I don’t trust the window one. That’ll come crashing down at some point

Nadya Ananda says:

tips for the first DIY : use toxic-free paint

Anna Vu says:


Pepper das Meerschweinchen says:

Only DIYs for dogs and cats…

WilloDaise2 says:

People have other animals than just dogs and cats ya know buzzfeed

Mrs Frizzle says:

Ugh that window cat perch… I wouldn’t trust it… I’d feel with one wrong jump the glass would shatter out the 10 story high apartment building and my cat would fall out lmo

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