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Our van build is coming right along! This week has kept us busy on the framing for our diy camper van furniture. Excited to show you our method for building solid furniture in our camper van renovation!

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We’re Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North America (and maybe a tad bit of Central America and South America) in our converted Sprinter Van. On Minimal Millennials, we love chatting about what van life is REALLY like, tips that make it possible to travel on a budget, and how we incorporate minimalism into our every-day lives.



Patrick Gailey says:

Juuuuuunk show out there behind the van. Cray Cray.

Zillie says:

the ruined it at 11:06

muse3223 says:

Have you considered using drawer wax for everything that slides?

Justine Black says:

You need to invest in a kreg jig for hole pockets. Secures wood cuts to be solid! Add a little wood glue and bam!

Fly ingDutch says:

Whilst its tempting to beef up to 2x1s for stability, its got far more to do with the way they are joined.
PS ‘Arbor wood’ arriving in a ton of packaging and plastic wrap? Soooo environmental…

JuneBugJoe says:

Take cover! Gnarly ass storm tonight over yonder!

LAst Resort says:

Having sex in a van should be fun.

Ron Hyman says:

Sorry to bother you….. have been trying to find your conversion spread sheet, which episode is it attached to? I think it is really cool you are willing to do it over better!

Hannah Kohm says:

Not sure if this would help exactly but might be an idea you can use. If you need something to slide a little easier. There are those furniture sliders you could buy and manipulate or just buy some heavy duty felt fabric and glue/staple to the wood to ease the slide mechanism? Just an idea. Your slide looks like it works well though! 🙂 Thanks for the fun vlogs!

Nikki Rocketqueen says:

It’s looking so good!!! Love seeing you guys work the build out together ❤️ #relationshipgoals

Diane Jaquay says:

Polyacrylic sealer for the wood, should not turn it yellow from all the information I’ve heard.

Steve Van Pelt says:

You guys. Its looking awesome. ALSO! Pick up an impact driver instead of that corded drill! I just recently got one for $40 and it makes a WORLD of difference.

Franklin Shaffer says:

What? She was waiting for you Christian??? Insane!!!

i'd rather be cycling says:

You two are amazing! Skill building is incremental. You know just how far you’ve come in this process so far. You’re so right, it can be done, and done well, regardless of technique. Thanks for taking us along on the build.

KC D says:

Your grandparents are funny… although milk might be a dollar cheaper the gas to make another stop… equals that dollar you saved. So in the end no savings

Scott in MN says:

Sometimes you hit a wall and need to quit early or take a day or two off. Secondly, as a contractor I probably own 10 different types of saws and have years of experience. I know I wouldn’t want to own your finished product and you wouldn’t want me cook you a meal. But who cares. You are resourceful and doing your best. That is all I ask off my kids. BYOV- Build Your Own Van…your way, to suit your needs and your budget.

Emmet s says:

I once used urethane stain on white cabinets worst idea ever, turned everything yellow and I hated it. There’s gotta be another sealant that doesn’t turn everything yellow!!!

dmorb05 says:

I see those trees in the background and all that shade and can’t help but think if you chased the shade you would have a much more enjoyable build.

Marguerite Beckingham says:

Thanks for saying ” you can make an awesome van conversion even if you don’t know how to build! “Very encouraging. My partner and I are converting a van right now. We have no experience with any of it, but we are doing our best, as are y’all, and it’s looking GREAT. Keep up the good work and greetings from ATX.

Let'ssss says:


rebecca chami says:

Hey guys! Great progress (: are you including a fan for ventilation?

Tashaela Burks says:

watching this makes me miss my papa.

Sandra Hess says:

Looking at the length of her legs on the couch…with a cushion behind….is the couch deep enough?

Max ._. says:

i have those birkenstocks!!! i love them

holmete says:

Is the couch meant to be extra sleeping space? When both of you sat down, there was a ton of extra room. Maybe it’s the camera. On IG, the couch looks perfect. How about using skateboard bearings or wheels and bearings with refrigerator slider? also, I saw the picture of the sink. That is way too small. And please tell me you are using a water pump.

Jordan Tomasone says:

happy you are taking breaks for lunch! What size fridge is that? Did I miss that during the video?

One Foot Forward Movement says:

Love your videos would love to hook up with you some time

Lydia Joy says:

The open-toe shoes while building in these vids makes me cringe

keflol hill says:

the mess you made outside your van lol.i would ocd on that

Eddie B says:

For someone who knows nothing about woodworking that van build is turning out fabulous! #MM

karen keller says:

You two are such a sweet couple and I love watching you. I converted a little van and in a couple of years I hope to be full time. I will be 62 and wish I would have started when I was your age.

SwampHick says:

Great progress. CAUTION leave more room in the slide under the fridge than might think It WILL expand and contract. Enjoy the Journey

Cmdr Pugwash says:

Your woodwork looks fine to me. You are using hefty beams for that kitchen though where much thinner ones would be lighter.

linnea says:

You should really use some pullout railings for the garage and fridge. That would make it SO much easier to pull out. Remember to have room for the wood so expand and shrink with changes in humidity!!!!!!! /furniture designer from Sweden ☺️

That Vegan Kyndale says:

Omg I just love you guys so much! Y’all keep doing y’all because you’re killing it!

And… Aubry what kind of shoes are those sandals you have on? They look a lot like Birkenstocks, which is the style I’m looking for I just can’t seem to find a reasonably priced pair (of even knock offs). So I was just wondering about yours..

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