DIY FARMHOUSE TABLE ❤️ Best way to chalk paint furniture!

Hey, guys! In this video I share the basics of how to chalk paint furniture in a rustic, farmhouse style. This gives you the perfect opportunity to thrift furniture with solid bones and make is fit the esthetic of your home. I LOVE the show fixer upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines and have been really gravitating toward farmhouse and distressed home decor. Whether you are painting a dresser, coffee table, chairs, stools, cabinets and more–this is SUCH an easy project. If you haven’t worked with chalk paint before, here is exactly how to apply chalk paint with an easy to follow tutorial. My favorite part? You can do it in ONE day and NO standing required. Even on previously stained or finished wood. I hope you enjoy!


❤️Chalk Paint: I used Valspar color “Kid Gloves” from Lowes. You can also use Annie Sloan and Plaid in the colors of your choice. All great! Here’s the Parisian Grey color:
❤️Chalk Paint Brushes:
❤️Sand Paper:
❤️Water-Based Polyurethane Finish (also know as polycrylic):
Note: you’ll notice the Poly linked above is not the can you see in the video, it’s only because I was using up what I already had from another project but it’s the same thing–Rust-o-leum’s Varnathane. It’s the finish you want with chalk paint! Especially if your piece is ivory or white, it won’t yellow. Amazing staying power on high traffic pieces!

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Tammy Geisler says:

Loved this thanks !

Katie Prochaska says:

Love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing!

noon Noon says:

You look amazing Catherine..

Do It On A Dime says:

I hope you enjoyed the video! Just want to make sure for those who try the project that you get a Water-Based Clear Polyurethane when you do the top coat. This is also known as a Polycrylic. I call it Polyurethane in the video because it says that on most cans. This polycrylic really stands up well to wear and won’t yellow your pieces. I linked it below since in the video I was using an older, unmarked can from another project. Two coats (3 for cabinets) should be good!

Geezeimhungry says:

I love Chip and Joana Gains!!! The table came out great !

Jamie Aymar says:

Some really awesome chalk paint.

Regina carter says:

Love,love your new hair cut!!! Love the video too:)

cheri stump says:

Beautiful!  Thank you!

Sandy Cole says:

Love it!

nataridd says:

can u do back to school videos?! P.S. I love youuuuuu!!!

BostonLatinxoxo says:

it looks horrible!

Dianna Otukolo says:

Thank you! I can’t wait to do this!

Jay Kray says:

I gotta say I didn’t like how it looked in the end
But I will definitely take notes because your tips are fantastic ❤️

April Wilson says:

Good morning Kathryn. A cheap way to make chalk paint (or as we call it here Chic paint); mix well 1/2 cup water to 1/4 cup of plaster of paris (with a coupon, it is a steal) then mix into an 8 oz sample of latex paint. My mom and I have been doing this for alittle over a year and it turns out beautifully. It’s definitely worth a try! Also, thank you very much for the tip on the Polyurethane Finish because we were using wax and yes, it is a chore. God Bless.

GlitterDIY Diva says:

love this. i have a coffee table i got just over a year ago from salvation army i am totally going to do this to it. and also my tv stand. thanks for sharing.

Kayla Moraru says:

Love this! Please do more videos like this!

Blessed Life says:

Just beautiful!! I was wondering what color you have on your walls in this video?

comey2610 says:

That is so pretty !

Courtney says:


ClutterBug says:

So incredible! I am totally regretting using wax now! Poly in the future for sure!

More Papercards says:

How did you refinished your white dining set?

Whitney Sews says:

Turned out awesome! My kiddo is about the same age as Owen, so I am very familiar with the climbing on the table phase!

teri zachary says:

How many coats of paint did you apply? Tfs

Lavander Kiss says:

Thanks for sharing!!
How long does the polyurethane takes to dry?
Can you do this project indoors?

Jessica Stockman says:

Love you from Louisiana.
Do you have any idea what to do with old shutters/ redo? We are buying a new house and these were left at the house, so I wanna make a place we can hang bags, maybe keys. We own a pontoon boat and sometimes have bags with things in there from the trips. Getting a new place is so exciting. It’s been 9yrs since we got a newer place

mary moore says:

Luv it…great job….

Barbara Uckerman says:

Absolutely beautiful!

Birdla100 says:

I love this!! Great job. Your hair is so cute by the way.

Marsella Blankenship says:

I love your videos

RyujinZero says:

Looks like Owen likes the table. 😀

Christina Powers says:

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT , Thanks for sharing 🙂 God Bless you & your family . And oh , I love the new hair cut 🙂

Living Even Keeled says:

I think the center spot in the middle in that darker shade makes this even better! I love that detail. Great tip about the poly coat too!

blocks Everest says:

Thank you for sharing, this is amazingly easy.
This question might be weird – but can I clean it like any furniture after putting on the finish?

Susan Strack says:

This is GREAT….Thank you!

Cleopatra Simmons says:

Your home is so beautiful. Thanks

Cindy Nichols says:

Very Pretty.
I love watching your videos. Cant wait till you get the kids a pet.

The Buchanan Family says:

that is a fab piece 🙂 I’m looking to do something similar for our living room 🙂

Chrissy Ddk says:

Awesome! I’ll certainly keep that tranformation in mind

National Dispatch LLC says:

This is a great DIY video — beautiful piece of furniture! Love it

comey2610 says:


Modern Gabby says:

I Love It!!! Thank you for this video! You are awesome and keep up the great work. Modern Gabby

panda62209 says:

I love this! I have a beautiful old kitchen table from my grandma who I love dearly and has passed away that I have been too scared to paint because I don’t really know how, but I think can do it after seeing this! I’m pretty much going to copy what you did exactly, it’s so beautiful. Thanks!

Verla Schupbach says:

Really like your haircut, you look very nice in it.

Day Of Knights says:

I completely agree, why pay full retail price when you can get beautiful custom made prices for a fraction of the price.
We’ve just moved house and didn’t buy anything new, I just painted the furniture we already had so that it all Matched and created a whole new design feel.
I actually just did a video of it on my channel!

Eva Castillo says:

Love this video I want to use this to change the look of my kitchen cabinets do you think this will work?

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