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Just in time for summer! When we came out to Joshua Tree we knew that we wanted to watch movies in the alien landscape. But, the sand and cactus issue was… well, an issue. Hence, outdoor furniture! This might be my simplest build yet. Each side is cut from a single 8′ 2×4 and a grand total of 12 1×3 slats. I designed them to specifically fit these outdoor cushions that I got from Target.

Back – 33 1/2″
Foot – 30 1/2″
Front – 12″
Seat – 17 1/2″
22.5° Angle

Be sure to check out my outdoor movie theatre video on the Homemade Modern YouTube channel.

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Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the Verse.


Teresa White says:

Simple, sturdy, stylish and a steal to DIY. Thanks for sharing!

Chrystal Dunlow says:

Thank you for this design. I will be making this for sure!

iderpalot says:


Sherry Uyeda says:

2nd verse, same as the first. . . .”I’m a little striped skunk. . .” Does anyone else besides us know that little song? GREAT (as always) VIDEO! Hi, Gary!

Amien Phillips says:

Very cool, nice and simple!
Are you ambidextrous?

Brad DeFruiter says:

More, please

iri iri says:

Awesome build!

Construct Icon says:

Nicely done!

BEE HAPPY Wood Working and honeybees says:

the real reason gary showed up was to tell you to make some the size for him and the other garys to watch the out door movies with you all.

Fiona O'Sullivan says:

Another great project, well done. Love to the Garries

jp woodwork says:

very cool Jessie WOOWOO

ManCraftingTM says:

Great job Jesse! I loved the editing on this. Specifically when you where putting the screws in. Keep it up!

Richard Martin says:

Very cool and stylish. I really like these.

S.U.N. Designs says:

What’s good for me is good for me lol … Absolutely love you videos & commentary lol. Im still working on the nerve to put out my first. Hopefully soon … Can’t wait for your next one.

YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Very cool! Gary’s cameo was awesome. And after you finished painting the chair chair it totally looks like you spit on it twice, haha

Robert Evans says:

Hi Gary…like these chairs and chair-chair as well

Melissa says:

Love this video and the outdoor movie screen video on HMM channel. It’s the only channel on YouTube that I watch every single video ever posted. Anyways you said post suggestions and i was wondering if you would consider making an outdoor sectional from pallets or any cool outdoor furniture from pallets like I’ve seen cool pictures of if you Google it. People on Craigslist always post free pallets so it’s a cheaper option for some people to make patio sets. Thanks I’m advance if you can consider this ✌

Rag Tie says:

Well done Jess. I love your friend.

Connor Holland says:

All 3 chairs look great! Nice and simple to make with the 2x4s

jehuteh1 says:

Great work!!!! Really like your videos!

Make Build Modify says:

“Foot clamps and knee techniques” Best takeaway ever. Oh, and Gary is adorable.

Jeff Krayenvenger says:

Well done as always Jess. Like the modern twist on the adirondack-esque chairs.

Lauren Gagnon says:

Gary is the goodest of boys

Nick Zammeti NZ WoodTurning says:

Love it, very cool project Jessie. Looking forward to catching up with you in a few days @ Makers Central x


The set of seating came out great!! Very cool Jessie!!

Gareth Williams says:

Hi gary

Bageera Sixtythree says:

Well done!

Tyler Coop says:

Great knee technique!

Muddy Fences says:

Try the cross legged thigh lock. It comes in handy.

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