6 Budget-Friendly Furniture Upcycling Projects

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Veronika Boyajyan says:

oh shit first

kanelipulla ! says:

The first drawer was so beautiful and they hecking ruined it?

Jenny Reed says:

Would be nice if you guys could stop reposting the same videos just in different montages.

Alexandra Silea says:

I thought this said six budgie-friendly furniture

Kaelacraftygirl says:

love how women are doing these DIYS!!! 🙂

Lucas Ruault says:

Hey everyone! Welcome to Always Open! I’m Barbara Dunkleman!

Sean says:

I don’t understand when you bite your tongue on accident it hurts, but when you bite it on purpose it dose not. I also don’t understand why you are biting your tongue right now.

Olga Stoyanova says:


juliagoolia72 says:

It would be helpful if we could see the finished product. I blinked and missed them all!

Oishee's time says:

Who’s watching the video and reading comments at the same time?

Dessins animés Nadi says:


Sruti Praba says:

If my parents see me with the wood and drilling….

Shiven's FunZone says:

5th comment

nikita chaudhary says:

Which paint u use on wood??

TheElisabethMaria says:

the first one is really dumb, do you not realise how much storage space you got rid of?

Allie Husky says:

Could you slow down it a bit. In five minute video you put projects that take hours.

Amberly Bowling says:

Be sure to prime these things befor painting if you do them <3

Weronika Kuzniewska says:

I always watch these but never do them

Veronika Boyajyan says:

Can you do a “plan with me- December” version please??

retroted says:

DO NOT DRILL TOWARDS YOUR FUCKING HAND!!!!! That is basic safety advice, whoever decided to put it in an instructional diy video needs lessons on how to avoid trips to the emergency department!!!!

Leena Myst says:

Ill just stick to ikea thank you

MsRabbitGi says:

Welcome to always open, I’m Barbara Dunklman!

Ayn Ru says:

I love the one with filing cabinet and the last one!

Jillian Guerra says:

I don’t even have power tools, why do I watch these?

That One Female Gamer says:

Lol I only know the background song because of SortedFood

Jyotiranjan Hota says:

With the number of equipments they have used, it is most certainly not budget friendly, unless of course, your budget has no limits.

Dawn Cat Dog Nguyen says:

The supplies are cheap bet what about the electrical drilly babobs they are like 10000900000$

Holly Tyler says:

When u love watching people make this stuff

But are too lazy to do it yourself

hwalism says:

The kitchen counter one is great for my small ass rented apartment.

Satisfaction exposed says:

0:24 my beautiful is *ded*

Nikhil Vootkur says:

This is only budget friendly because buzzfeed saved money on production by re-uploading the same videos

vinita gaur says:

All diys are nice …But you guys are again and again posting the same stuff…why???????

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