5 DIY Rustic Furniture Ideas

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soumil s says:

K byeeeeeee

น้องการ์ตูน พัชรนันท์ says:


Stephie Dee says:

How many more videos is the damn stove cover going to appear in?!

Catherine _paola says:

You should make a video of diys for pets

Anyone agree

Edit:thanks for 4 likes!!!

soumil s says:

I am a huge fan BuzzFeed nifty if you are watching

Charles Baluyot says:

I watch Nifty since I sub at 100k, I watch EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. I feel like they’re running out of ideas

Silly Swimmer says:


Beyza Kubaşık says:


Olivia Logue says:

Early ❤

soumil s says:

BuzzFeed nifty

soumil s says:

Is it a competition??

soumil s says:

Still pretty good

Paulina Lobato says:

My gosh woman in the thumbnail GET A KINDLE…

Tanya Rodriguez says:

*sees thumbnail*
who the hell folds and *reads* a book like that

Etornam Attipoe says:

i think the stovetop counter was nifty’s peak idea

Elysha Hugill says:

Nifty… Get yo shet together, if I see that stovetop cover thingymahbob one more time I’mma flip my oven

soumil s says:

I check the video tomorrow again when it probably has like 5 million views

Marwa Hassan says:

Maybe 4th

soumil s says:

96 views already

soumil s says:

You probably are aren’t you

soumil s says:

But I am pretty sure I have seen that stove top in another video

Srividya V s says:


soumil s says:

Good use of the chopsticks

✧Enchanted Turtle✧ says:

Early finallyyyyy

soumil s says:

Holy shit

Handsome Squidward says:

What the heck is a pancake box

Samantha Watson says:

Like if BuzzFeed does dome good stuff

egg shell says:

*clicks on the video to comment how that person is ruining the book in the thumbnail*

Leah 32016 says:

Can I get a like for my 13th b-day

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