Want to make your home look stylish with no special effort and money?

Can you make things with your own hands? So, if you’re looking for a clever decorating idea consider trying one of these hacks. Decorating on a budget can be pretty tricky. However, there are plenty of cheap home decor hacks to make the process easier.

Not just things, but real interior items! I will teach you a few light tricks. The most important thing is that you do not need to buy expensive materials for this. In the course will go what you have under your hands – plastic bottles, cuts of cloth, pieces of plywood, and even free branches and sticks.

Check out how you can make your home more practical and functional. These tricks all really simple so anyone can try them, even you! They are also stylish and interesting.

You can make stools, stands, tables, ottomans, decorative objects, hangers, book holders, pots, and even update your old chest of drawers with your own hands. It will be very stylish, a real loft!

So, how to make an ottoman from a bottle? By the way, it is also a way not to pollute the nature with plastic. Collect a bunch of bottles, I took 19 pieces. Collect them in a bundle of scotch tape. It should be a hexagon. Cut out two plywood circles of the right size and attach to this figure above and below. Put foam rubber or cotton wool on top. Cover with a cloth. And throw your feet on the soft ottoman! You can also sit down on it.

There are a few ideas that will delight your girlfriend, mother or sister. From the usual packaging of chips you make a useful gadget in the bathroom. And if you make a stand for her laptop or a table-mirror – any girl will be delighted! Now she’ll be pleased to work or watch – the laptop won’t overheat. In addition, this stand can be used, for example, to eat on the bed.

And if you have children, nephews or cousins – you can entertain them with this. Make cool whiteboard with them. And then – draw with them on it. This will surely make you very popular!

These DIY decor hacks will make your life so much easier, you’ll wonder how you lived without them for so long. They’re cheap, easy, and will solve all your home gripes. But these are just some ideas, move on to another creative stuff!


0:27 The second life of the dresser
3:02 DIY Coffee Table
5:39 Boock holder
7:14 DIY Whiteboard

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