10 Easy and Cheap Pallet Furniture Ideas

Wood pallets have been around for decades as mechanisms for shipping and storing larger items (among other things). Recently, however, wooden pallets have become much more than a once-and-done packaging piece. They’ve become a useful resource in home décor and design.

The following projects show you how to use whole pallets to create practical furniture for your home.

More ideas https://www.homedit.com/21-ways-of-turning-pallets-into-unique-pieces-of-furniture/ and https://www.homedit.com/30-bed-frames-made-of-recycled-pallets/

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Empo https://youtu.be/WwnX8gT_alE
Awesome Builds https://youtu.be/OmDrRyr_I_U
Warren Nash https://youtu.be/ITfGxnYlpXk
PaintyCloud https://youtu.be/zbAva6C-WFw
Laydofthehouse.pl https://youtu.be/G73MQRj4kAg
Therese Antonsen https://youtu.be/R15Q_d9zFDE
WellDoneTips https://youtu.be/g76y8sb6qtQ
TheDacchio https://youtu.be/Y1TxAnvulKY
Glen from DIY Creators https://youtu.be/phnutXdrBZ0

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Mona Ty says:

Name of 1st song?

MrSirC77 says:

Listening to the music while watching your video is so relaxing……. BTW great job on the project love them all…

Braxtly Tools says:

This is dynamite! Would you guys be interested in partnering? We would love to see what you could do with our template tool?
Emmy Braxtly

Cheryl Pemberton says:

The planters are BAD IDEAS; without DRAINAGE, plants will DIE!! STUPID!

Vickie Hadd says:


Sankie Greyling says:

Hate the music

Treasure Jensen says:

So awesome

Érica Paula Lima says:

Me encantei, idéias maravilhosas!

t az says:

This is not for beginners.

Gareth Lappin says:

Thanks for the video. There’s a couple of your projects that I want to try to make. Great music, who’s the artist

bob Thomas says:

You need drain holes in every planter. So remember boys and girls to make sure anything you use for a planter put holes in it. Otherwise these are some ideas

Esteban Rafael says:

musica a çojeďorá

Crazy.Journey.Again says:

It would be way easier for the rest of us if we had all the fancy tools and workspace like u. Some of the stuff was pretty unique but not something the average person could do who doesn’t have the tools. For first time homeowners, I was hoping to see projects that didn’t require so much carpentry type work.

Rebecca Ponce says:

Great ideas!

Ben Jodo says:

My friend became a jazz musician after watching this clip.

Matiäs Bənsä says:

Pure … creativity… Love it it: Very educational

Devrt Rvr says:

лайк только за полку для бухлишка

annagawenda says:

You should state the author of the planter as well! It’s DIYcreators…

Carolyn Jackson says:

Love these tutorials

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