Zen Blaster; a Most Annoying DIY Electronic Device

Makes annoying beeps at random intervals. The random pitch and interval makes it very difficult to pin-point the source of the beeping. I might clean up the design and spin up a few circuit boards if anybody is interested in an easy build-along vid.
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Here’s the code:
Makes annoying beeps at random intervals. The random pitch and interval makes it very difficult to pin-point the source of the beeping.

const int speaker = P1_7; // this sets the pin on the MSP430 that sends a beep to the speaker.
int duration = 1000; // this is a variable that stores the value of length of the tone
int frequency = 600; // this is a variable that stores the value of the frequency of the tone
int counter = 0; // this is a variable that stores the value of how many times we’ve run thru the void loop
int trigger = 1; // this is a variable that stores how many times we run thru the void loop prior to triggering a beep sequence
int beeps = 2; // this is a variable that stores how many beeps in a sequence

// the setup routine runs once when you press reset:
void setup() {

tone(P1_7, 2500, 800);
delay (200);
tone(P1_7, 500, 800);
delay (200);
tone(P1_7, 2500, 800);
delay (200);
// this runs through a few tones when you first start to let you know it’s working.


// the loop routine runs over and over again forever:
void loop() {

counter = counter ++; // each time through the program, we add 1 to the value of counter
if ( trigger == counter && beeps == 2) { // if the trigger value and the counter value are equal AND the beep value is 2 then do this:
counter = 0; // resets the counter value to zero
beeps = random (2, 5); // sets the number of beeps for the next time

trigger = random (500, 5000); // sets the length of time before the next series of beeps
duration = random (200, 2000); // sets the length of time for each beep in milliseconds
frequency = random (2500, 6000); // sets the frequency in Hertz of the square wave signal to the speaker
tone (speaker, frequency, duration); // sends a beep square wave signal to the speaker according to the values of frequency and duration
delay (duration/2); // sets a short delay pause to allow the beep prior to executing the next command
duration = random (400, 1500);
frequency = random (300, 4000);
tone (speaker, frequency, duration);
delay (duration/2);
if ( trigger == counter && beeps == 3) {
counter = 0;
beeps = random (2, 5);
trigger = random (500, 5000);
duration = random (200, 2000);
frequency = random (2500, 6000);
tone (speaker, frequency, duration);
delay (duration/2);
duration = random (500, 2000);
frequency = random (300, 1500);
tone (speaker, frequency, duration);
delay (duration/2);
duration = random (1500, 2000);
frequency = random (300, 3000);
tone (speaker, frequency, duration);
delay (duration/2);
Continued in comments. (it’s too long for description).


Chris Kaebe says:

Haha the biggest idiot on the planet? I thought you were smart as fuck when I ended up on one of your videos

LivingLatexKali says:

I believe the commercial product along these lines is called an “annoy-o-tron”, and this is indeed a great simple little microcontroller project. I’m curious how hard it would be to do this with just some discrete logic or something else that simple too, from my little experience in analog & simple digital, the pseudo-random timing would be the hardest part

Pinch&Roll says:

oh my god I want to make this and put it in the vent at work.

Jack C says:

by the look of it, dont try the same trick on a pilot or you’ll end up in guantonimo lol

Goldman Johnson says:

Please annoy your wife more <3

Joe says:

I don’t know if you’ve heard of C.H.I.P, it’s a tiny little $9 computer, but there are definitely some cool things that could be done with that. Basically it’s a tiny pc with a 1ghz processor, 4gb of ssd storage, wifi, Bluetooth, and 512mb of ram, also you can plug it into any 3.7v li ion battery you have or any 5v usb power supply and it will work with the press of a button. Did I mention world domination via robot army is imminent? And that it’s $9, and it’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hands.

kcuf0 says:

Your commentary is hilarious, your videos are brilliant, but your coding.. not so great lol. A+ for effort though! 🙂

Jacob Barnes says:

bananer for scale

LabFiona says:

You can make it more annoying, add the light sensor, make it beep when it’s dark, and place in someone’s bedroom….

Steve Robey says:

I’m not yet familiar with the MSP430 but I noticed on your programming board there is a spot to install an oscillator. Neither here nor there for this, most of these MCUs have an internal clock. Looking at the datasheet it looks like this one actually has a 16MHz internal clock? Anyway, I had the thought that this project could be adapted to use the ATTiny85 which is an 8-pin package since you only need the one output for the speaker, this could also allow things to be much smaller and it could be powered with a lithium coin cell. Anyway, to answer your text at the end of the video, it would be fun to be able to pick this up as a kit, in my opinion, for the sake of learning to use another type of MCU. If you do elect to build a PCB for that project I would be interested in following along and building one as well. If you’re interested, I could provide you a schematic and sketch for the ATTiny85 equivalent once I come up with it.

In the meantime, I will continue to keep my dick in a vice. 73.

will s says:

Such a great idea for prankers. Why not just leave the controller on the board? Too much power drain?

red7fifty says:

Fucking shit! lol……It pisses me off when I hear random noises! I lived in a 3 story house (2 above grade, plus finished basement)….when one smoke detector battery goes low, and started beeping…it would drive me crazy going room to room, hallway to hallway, level to leve (3 levels remind you) and stand there waiting like a dildo for a fucking beep so I know which battery to change out! Finally said Fuck it, and bought a grip of 9V lithium batteries, and changed them all out! Then sold the house and fucking moved.

Christopher Milne says:

“Not rocket surgery!” Bwah hah hah!

Tyler Wildman says:

I wanna make one 🙂

Brad T says:

just built one. bloody rippa

Lukasz Sokol says:

Added ‘rocket surgery’ to my list of cool phrases describing what us pixie-wranglers do.

Nullll1111 says:

Your wife has nice boobsies. Me likey.

Brett Etter says:

make tutorial plz

JDDJ says:

Can i get a bit more info on those lithium cells?

A. Zak says:

gonna have to build one of these! I’ll use an Arduino Pro Micro because that’s how i roll. if anyone wants the code give me a comment.

henry donaldson says:

this would be great with my 120 db alarm >:-)

Grey61761 says:

was about to throw my damn phone at the wall

Brant Northman says:

Oh lord, please get a schem, my mother in law needs this. (ok, I do) Moose to ya.

buixote says:

What you need to do is come up with a circuit that does the *opposite* of annoying the missus! I’m calling it the *ingratiometer*.

brian verlihay says:

I like it. it’s great would like to make one to mess with the wife

BadAndUgly says:

Make one with a light sensor so it activates in the dark and is harder to locate!

Eric Allen says:

I’m building this.

Robert Wall says:

Did you ever make a pcb for this project?

Rakward says:

“What are we supposed to use?” It says so in the same paragraph to use the millis() function ….

Mac Sogandares says:

search for ‘annoyatron’, same sort of thing. Battery lasts for years. Put one in the HVAC in one of my teachers rooms and he didnt find it until I wanted it back.

KeepinYouUp07 says:

Your videos are the shit. I just got a Samsung wireless charger, I think it’d be cool to see you tear it down and explain how the heck it works. just a suggestion !

Artturi Salmela says:

I had an old digital watch I had totally forgotten about and lost in some drawer. It randomly started doing this exact thing. The beeps always stopped before I could get a direction of where it was. As time went on the beeps became more and more distorted until it eventually just made noise. I was only able to pin it down after several months.

area46241 says:

Building using and deploying the super spy bug 88 MHz microphone really annoyed my wife and it was as quiet as a church mouse…jewelry brought her back to her senses

Jeremy McMillan says:

11:50 is actually good stuff about sleep() in your case.. but maybe you should just put your random delay in ala sleep(random_delay).. to add a century to your battery life, or even use smaller, cheaper batteries.

Everyday Fun Projects says:

you’ve got the same model laptop my mom had (before we got rid of it after being dropped) minus the fingerprint reader

Thundercunt McGeezax says:

*counter = counter ++;*
my sides xD

Dakota Swain says:

A detailed video would be much appreciated I think I will use this project as my first attempt at pixe wrangling

Chillin says:

I worked for SBC communications for over 34 years in the US of A…worked several boring jobs as cable splicer, telephone installer/repairman to inside cool & piss off the high paying price customers special circuits tester…got hired in 1969 when I returned from Da Nang SVN..in a fit of rage..and they liked me at SBC so they gave me a job..while working outside in repair..we used small tone generators (1.5 batt)that sent 4000 kz steady or intermittent tones to identify cable pairs..one day ..I got this brain storm idea how to jack with my Jurassic co workers who didn’t know the difference between a capacitor and a resistor..they kept telling each other all kinds of wrong info on electronics..they thought the ringing current from the central office was ac current because the ringer had a capacitor in the circuit..and cap’s only work with ac current…wrong jack off’s..the current sent to ring the phone was pulsating dc current..but I couldn’t even make Roy fucking Rogers understand that…not even Buck furcking Rogers…so I took an old tone generator and a transmitter from a phone handset and wired it to the speaker of the generator and set it to intermittent tone..and hid it inside of the working telephone trucks on each of the old snuff urine smelling old timers..and switch it around form time to time…over a period of several weeks…then I hid it inside our break room…they would hear the faint beep…look at each and say””did you hear that?”….I just ate me donut and drink me coffee..and let the rage go go go….
damm I miss those old fucks… that garlic , snuff smell mixed with urine

Scott Richards says:

I want one

HandyStan says:

Your wife sounds hot!

James stranger says:

I’d like to build a few of those. and a motion camera. or voice activated recorder. and hide it in someone’s office or break room. or somewhere quite where not a lot of ppl go. and watch or listen to them go crazy looking for it!!! or just put it in there bed room and let them complain about it for a day or two! but no more than a week . I’m not that evil. I hope to see you into more electronics. and check out the tran sisters!

Eric B says:

What you gotta do is stick a 12v car horn to the back of buddies tool box and hook the switch up to one of the drawers so that when the drawer is opened the horn blows.

Pablogogo says:

funny as fuck! reminds me of when I worked as a enginerd on a noisy production line and used to stick a count down clock to the underside of operators chairs. I’d be long gone from the room before it would go off and the last place they would look was under their arse, ah good times, they were mostly women too so used to get quiet pissy (unlike the understanding unicorns) , this is a circuit I’m going to build.

Robert DeHart says:


Travis Muhler says:

Do it! I want to annoy my wife too! Haha!

Vailos Quiet says:

ok i need a list of parts for this thin for the life on me i want to build one now

Jenna Koss says:

please teach us how to make these.

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