What is worth desoldering from old electronics? || DIY Fume Extractor

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In this video I will show you how to build a dirt cheap fume extractor and how you can fastly and easily desolder all kinds of components from old electronics circuits. I will also talk about what I think is even worth desoldering and which parts you should avoid

Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

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Tim Nerenberg says:

Bist du eigendlich deutscher? Weil du immer deutsches Zeug hast wie die Entlötlitze

Cole Willison says:

simple, when desoldering components you don’t need to buy them! (plus it’s recycling)

Hyper Hektor says:

I desolder everything exept small resistors and small transistors, all other stuff you mentioned like Connectors,ICs smd and everything else can be easily unsoldered with a Heatgun (specially for Electronics) its a very useful tool and costs only ~70$. I desoldered a lot of PCs mainboards and PC- Components with it (Harddisk,Mouse,Powersupply,Monitors,Printer,Scanner,Modems,Router,Switches)

Mukesh says:

Scott, you and me are saving environment …………….

Homemade Chemistry says:

Good to see that I’m not the only one… I ALWAYS keep ALL the screws

david esktorp says:

When my father died, I was tasked with cleaning his garages and basement. Only he and God know what kind of projects he had planned, but I got rid of so much stuff that I couldn’t even identify at the time, even though I’m still not much of a tinker myself, I still sorta kick myself for being so quick to dispose of the ‘junk’ he had accumulated.

teekello says:

Just get the desoldering station -.- aint that expensive

Michael Parker says:

I started harvesting parts because my local stores have a pitiful selection and hate waiting for components to be delivered.

OLD-BIT ProGaming says:

I have all time of The world to get all parts :v

Mukesh says:

Salvaging the electrolytic capacitors is a waste of time and efforts, because you couldn’t check it’s capacitance by seeing it, it looses it’s value over the time and can’t trust them for your new circuits.
I never used the used electrolytic capacitor in repair jobs.

Thomas Kurian says:

0:50. Is that a few of them???

Sci-DIY says:

What a satisfying video:)

Pixel says:

how do i extract the fumes while soldering the fume extractor?

Josh Dipps says:

I never knew that those fumes were not good for your health I’ve inhaled many of those geezz……..

Ahapid says:

i cant wait for something to break again!

/dev/null/ says:

what about crystal oscillators? i always take them

Reese Tec says:

for me, resistors are something that have to be salvage.
you can practically find all range of values.
after i got a heat gun, i started to salvage those nasty smd stuff.

vijay kumar says:

Great Scott

planet vahn says:

i really swear sir.. its like im looking myself from a mirror from salvaging any useful parts of electronics..

Alex Cantlow says:

im the same love taking well destroying stuff lol but would love to learn more as kinda find it intresting to build my own electrics and build my own gaming pc wayy im a compleat newb when it comes to this tho

Silver2004Avalhadia says:

Why are you cuting things so close to end? It’s a waste 🙁

Alex Cantlow says:

im the same love taking well destroying stuff lol but would love to learn more as kinda find it intresting to build my own electrics and build my own gaming pc wayy im a compleat newb when it comes to this tho

Bitelaserkhalif *cringes* says:

psu is particularly useful is salvaged. especially with its wiring.

EBPGames says:

say coils more

Jamie Jones says:

put in oven 220c wait 5 minutes, now drop the board and all will fall off

Jay Bingham says:

just want to make sure your aware of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunk_cost#Loss_aversion_and_the_sunk_cost_fallacy
you cant do this any better than the professional recyclers so you are really only going to do this for recreational value which of course comes with an opportunity cost…until one tries to monetize videos on yt…which doesnt begin to cover your production hours…but it was kinda interesting to watch.

Luis Guerrero says:

Last week I got a soldering iron and got too excited. Let’s just say the iron made direct contact to my skin.

logik100 says:

i used to use a blow lamp and tap the board on the floor.

NO MA'AM says:

Howto hoarder

Robert Zhang says:

Awesome video!!!

Michael D says:

make a focusing laser with these lenses

Arthur Bradley says:

Liked and subscribed. Good tutorial.

TacticalBBQSauce says:

Positive and Negative, not plus and minus. So annoying

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