Top 10 IoT(Internet Of Things) Projects Of All Time | 2018

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9. IoT-Toy-Trafficlight

8.Raspberry Pi & Arduino Wooden Chess Computer

7. Wolf: IoT Multi-Terrain Quadruped

6. Electronic door lock

5. IoT Motion Controlled Servos

4.Windows IoT: Facial Recognition Door

3.DIY Life-Size Phone Controlled BB8 Droid

2.Mark Zuckerberg’s AI- JARVIS

1.Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation


Qudor Eng says:

You even don’t know what is the IoT hahahahahahaahaha

oshadhi vindhyani says:

music :-3

pranav gupta says:

can you tell me the app from which i can operate me app i cant get it

Electro world says:

Some great looking projects – I need to actually force myself to make these and finish them! Cool stuff, very inspirational!

Matthew Lawrence says:

Lame, give up

fooku says:

it’s garbage

Travis Tennies says:

The music is so horrible…I have to go away now.

Best friend says:

all this are ur chanel.

AstroposYT says:

I’m pretty sure number 2 is a joke

Tien Mao Tie says:


Thidaswin Athsara says:

*Can some one tell me what is the name of this sensor under the hands plz* 3:47

Mr. Mutable says:

#4. The automatic unlocking door face recognition system. So pretty much I could just show up with a photo of one of your friends and break in?

Gorb Locke says:

Nothing useful.

Raman Kumar says:


Violeta Ruseva says:

Haha, if these are the top projects i can imagine what’s the bottom…according to you… silly projects.

Greg James says:

he just ate the toast with no butter

Đăng Phan says:

Thằng cuối là ng Việt à, s có Bolero trg đây

carlo gambi says:

if this is the best we have, we are doomed..

the77 says:

Are we confusing machine learning sand ai with iOt? Cuz they aren’t rue same thing

Meet Shah says:

Awesome at 5:05

Nirshanth G says:

Which software used for analyzing in project 10

William Estey says:

You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

asvrya agerwal says:

anyone can be cheat by placing an image of owner

Anton Mote says:

Kren bung

Thidaswin Athsara says:

*Can some one help me to get this code plz or tutorial plz* 2:51

turjo ahmed says:

no need to see.

GermanRC tutorials says:

I have a Arduino uno and you can do so useful things and having fun with it.

Rijkaard says:

5:41 I think Mark Zuckerberg enslaved Morgan Freeman

Nixie Minx says:

Zucker will never fit in with society lol

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