The “Computer” Mouse: A DIY Project

The computer mouse is an entire laptop computer in mouse form that uses the raspberry pi zero W as its brain. I originally wanted to just put a raspberry pi into a mouse but I soon discovered that that large of a mouse didn’t exist. The housing is a 3d printed mouse I designed in Fusion 360 and the internal components are listed below.

Disclaimer: Many of the parts used in this project were provided by


Raspberry Pi Zero W:

Rii Bluetooth Mini Keyboard:

Small Wired Mouse (Sensor and motherboard taken from this):

Lipo charger:

Battery: 500mah

1.5″ Color OLED LCD:

Standard Computer Mouse (Scroll wheel and buttons taken from this):

Thanks for checking out my video!


SuperAtheist says:

did you consider using a trackball instead of a mouse?

Michael Foust says:

That’s pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.

LoneTech says:

“that large of a mouse didn’t exist”… but I use an Elecom HUGE.

Сомнамбула says:

I hope this screen have 4k resolution)))))

wordreet says:

Man that is so cool!!!

The Arachnid says:

This is brilliant! Have you considered putting the keyboard on a hinge type of thing so you could use it more easily? Either way, this is pretty awesome, dude!

Mike McCulty says:

the most complex part of this for an operator is the fact that your screen moves as you are trying to manipulate the mouse. perhaps it would have been better to just create a stationary keyboard and touchpad that are connected to a screen – oh wait that’s called a laptop, nevermind. .

Louis Parkerson says:

Ooooh you got a framebuffer working. Any chance of a tutorial?

Jarrett Fayer says:

very cool man!

Samy Kamkar says:

Fun project!

BlUsKrEEm says:

This is a piece of art

Phoenix Raney says:

Thats certainly an interpretation.

Richard Jansson says:

Really cool! I admire your ability to follow through!!

I happen to do research on input methods for low key count keyboards and of course fitting axes into it would work as well.

I made it into a game that you can test online as well:

Also what’s interesting in this areas would be the dasher input by David MacKay

Roger Lusk says:

Now this is a original idea, nice job.

SeanHodgins says:

Genius! Nice work!

Акбар Бекханов says:

Кто с 4пда?)

Kris Johnstone says:

I think this would work much better as a trackball. Preferably an asymmetrical one over the symmetrical ones since that means the ball and hand are not obscuring view of the screen when you are moving it. (and makes it easier to fit the components inside as well)
Another thing you could have maybe done was added the screen on a dual hinge, one that opens out, but one that turns diagonally 45 degrees away from the keyboard side. That way you could hold the mouse and keyboard at an angle and still see the screen straight on. No more awkward straining of the arms lol

On another note, whenever folding screens do become feasible for the larger consumer market, stuff like this will be so much more practical. (whether this exact idea is another question, definitely other form factors lol)
Rather than a little tiny screen, you could have one that folds out to be so much larger. Even 200% size would be vastly more useful. I could imagine something that would detach from it over a still connected screen. Or some arm-strapped computer similar to those you can get for smartphones with an additional screen you could fold out to increase size. Great for looking at navigation.
Still a lot of work needed in that area though. I’m not even going near those folding screen devices about to hit the market. I’ll let “enthusiasts” beta test that for the next 5 years…

Stefan Batrinache says:

You are crazy! 😀

Tibor H says:

Amazing! 😀

Brian Swango says:

That is very cool. Can’t see it being to practical — but so what 🙂

Bryson Osborne says:

I agree with another user here – trackball is the way to go. Specifically, the Elecom HUGE.

Gustavo Enrique Jimenez says:

Very nice project. Thank you !


Абсолютно бесполезная фигня .. И сделана так себе…
Но молодец, автор, сделал.

Peter Maxwell says:

Will it run DOOM?

KibSquib48 says:

One question. Why

Sergey Mayer says:

Майнкрафт это моя zhizn, suka

Classic Will L says:

Okay, this is epic.

Amish Patel says:

This is just…


The EntrePUNeur says:

Wow. Nice!

Robonautics Official says:

Just Great

Coil says:

Very cool and awesome build! Ever considered inverting the mouse axises? So the on-screen mouse pointer would be stationary (ish) while the screen moved about? Lol.

Lisal Peiris says:

This is a master piece

-. Lithium Wolfhusky.- says:

Imagine doing this but on a calculator that would be awesome

Albion Takami 多神 says:

You made the world a better place. xD

magusxxx says:

“Computer?” – Montgomery Scott in Star Trek IV after picking up the mouse.

Zachary Banken says:

This is awesome!

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