Quick and Powerful IGBT Electronic Load

Super cheap hassle-free: https://goo.gl/cq2F84

Another quick build from stockpiled components: The IGBT itself can take a 100 A, but other parts in this electronic load are bottlenecking it to 50 A. Still when compared to commercial products, this no-cost, one-weekend build is a true winner in every way.


DossKat says:

I love the way you edit these- funny, informative, and unique. Keep it up!

Markus Birth says:

4:16 … I imagined that with the Batman (The TV Series) transition melody played on that drill there…

Rob H says:

This is scary, it was like watching Aliens.

Chainsaw says:

Great video. Always refreshing to see a project from you. Cheers!

Do R/C! says:

6:40 that camera perspective makes the 1054z look even tinier than it actually is:)

BennysGarage says:

Is there a “Quick and Powerful IGBT Electronic Load” schematic anywhere available? 🙂

Atteluxy says:

like your videos very much! please continue this unique way


nice treasure

Darren Ball says:

This is great! Way better than my ‘toaster’ loads using heavy gauge ‘vape’ wire….

1959Berre says:

I envy your stock of used parts. Wish I had access to a salvage company for recycling.

zapro_dk says:

Wow. Very nice and simple build. I really like how you have all your stuff sorted and can go directly after the parts you need. Keep making these wonderful videos.

Sören Schröder says:

You have so much space! Its a dream. I wish I had the room to collect so much stuff!

ChaosEmerald85 says:

What would a water cooled thyristor be used for?

Dren Imeraj says:

Who the fu@k dislikes this? Your channel is a goldmine. Great video, thank you!

Gene Sarda says:

omg… i have 3 of those igbt’s and never knew what they were. my friend that used to work on electric forklifts gave them to me years ago, I’m kinda new in electronics and there are no numbers on them other than 200A made in Italy… lol now I’m going to make one like yours only try it bigger….Thanks

Daniel Goldman says:

beautiful work !!!!!!

Raymond Heath says:

I re-purpose old test equipment cases for my projects, Wish I had the machining capibility you have!

Wirewrap36 says:

Beautyful yet simple! Great weekend project.

vehiculeselectriques says:

it’s interesting though little frustrating, would you mind taking few minutes more for posting schematic and parts list please ?

Michał Kapała Scientific says:

Nice work.
1. Can it work as capacitive and inductive loads?
2. Which parts are bottlenecking?

Arne Schwarz says:

I have read, that because in these bricks multiple chips are in parallel, linear operation is difficult because a chip that gets warmer than the rest gets more current and gets even warmer and eventually dies. Is that only a theoretical problem or did you really have to take precautions for that?

Naufan Septyadi says:

Your channel is different from others… It’s unique, i like it!

John - Orbiter says:

Good work Marco. I like it.

Mas Bro says:

Fire in the hole!

colonelerotic says:

@5:55 Bet that Keithley Picoammeter is feeling a little bit out of place while this test is going on…

marecek19891989 says:

helou. I have fz800r33kl2c igbt transistor. Can you help me to build regulation driver for 0 to 20A load . what IC is in your schema and rezistors.
Thank you

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