Organising Your Electronic Components (DIY Guitar Pedals)

Some tips to help you organise your electronic components


BarbasBandas 666 says:

Hey nice video. I am starting to build pedals but when I am prototyping I mess with a lot of components and then I dont know how to store them because the there is all kinds of resistors values and it sucks to measure their values one by one and store them… how can I solve this?

Adam Douglas says:

where do you get a racco caninet for 40 bucks? I can only find them for over 100! rsonline is 177 and mouser no longer has raaco. 🙁

Dave Curran says:

I use the Raaco cabinets as well, very nice. Rather than cutting the drawer labels by hand, I found the 9mm label printer labels slot it nicely, and the one I was using could fix the width, so it was easy to do. Here’s my review:

Gady says:

This is really useful paul!

omsonic says:

i like the older cabinets i think there ESD safe to.

Dimitri Pappas says:

Great setup & useful advice ! I’ve been storing my small components in plastic tray compartments / storage boxes… the cabinet/drawer system looks far better for components actually

Gledison Fonseca says:

great tip as always. unfortunatly due to my tiny appartment i had to improvise with a CD case. It works fine for resistors and small caps. OF course for low demand builders 😛

Yueeiuyoo says:

Where can I buy this stuff?

Julian-Aime R says:

No Raaco here in the states 🙁

HeadphoneAddictCOM says:

Hi, I have done something similar to organize DIY parts.

What I ended up doing was to print the labels on (very commonly used) 80g/m^2 paper, then use a sheet of 160g/m^2 paper which i taped to the 80g sheet with double sided tape for added thickness (as most consumer printers won’t print thick paper). Finally I used transparent packing tape over the whole sheet so it wont fudge easily from being touched by greasy fingertips etc. Lastly I used a knife to cut the labels. To get perfect sizing for the labels I used Excel and set up a grid with the dimensions for the labels.

It turned out way better than using a Dymo label printer and saved some pennies as the labels for the Raaco drawers are pretty expensive.

When I use drawer separators I use the Dymo inside the drawers for marking what’s in the compartment, say if I have M3 screws in 3 sizes, such as 8, 12 and 16 mm for example.

Stumblefuck says:

I buy those Raaco’s too, because they are cheap & good quality. Just beware if you are ordering from Element14, there are two listings for the same product, one is $60 and the other is $26! I’ve noticed that a bit with them, same product double-listed with different prices. This is the one you buy – Btw thanks again Paul for your videos! 🙂

Shana L says:

Thanks for showing the cabinet I’m off to buy one now due to your great review. I wish Raaco would do it in other colors a nice lilac or blue in the future.

SubSickle says:

Thank you very much. It was really useful and the timing couldn’t be any better because I’m thinking of buying cabinet for my components.

Gady says:

This is really useful paul!

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