OMFG DIY EBC – prototype cheap electronic boost controller

check out dale’s channel twisted builds, arduino and small engine and more on the boost controller


Deftones Dsm says:

Ive been dreaming of teaching myself andrino. Ive bult many PCs but kinda slacked off last 6 years= wayyy outta date. I totally need 2 do this

AGearHead4Life says:

Cool stuff Matt!

neil naggertson says:

eh h I still prefer they old vacuum ts in wastegate line

cl08 says:

Yes!!! Been waiting on when you where going to get it!!!

Alex Crouse says:

I was going to build a closed loop, set the PSI and it makes it happen, but i don’t have a turbo car.

tj86xj says:

You have an amazing wife.. my garage time dropped 95% after our kids were born. Lol

· says:

It lacks a feedback loop.
It would be much more useful with a MAP sensor input and selectable desired boost pressure.

washedupsinger says:

Please please PLEASE do a Speeduino build!

blockequals4 says:

Fuck. Yes.

blindabinda123 says:

What’s up buddy

e34Boat says:

simplest way for that to operate would be one of those pressure switches.
ordinary oil pressure switch will work as pressure swith to ground an relay for that box.

Shanely Shane says:

I watched two minutes of a TJ Hunt video, got cancer, came here, and now the cancers gone.

Nathan chalecki says:

I love the sentiment but there is much more to an EBC than just pulsing a solenoid. 🙁 (sad face because i want to say something positive) It needs a pressure sensor, adjustable gain control and (others will know much more than me, i dont quite remember) but do you not also need a bleed between solenoid and wastegate? (otherwise the pressure at actuator will only increase with each pulse, not decrease)

JTC says:

Could you not do this with a tattoo gun controller? i think you can get them12v also?

blindabinda123 says:

Could you install a fuel injector or two into the intake somewhere on a aftermarket turbo vehicle and use that to control afr’s somehow??

AGearHead4Life says:

This looks like what I need to run my injectors on the bench cleaning system that I’m building for junk yard injectors.
I’ll have to snag one. Thanks!

forgotmylogininfo says:

@Sloppy Mechanics I don’t know if you ever watch Mighty car Mods, but a while back they had some electronic wiz kid who had put the electronic boost controller in hidden menus on a factory radio!

Evan Griffith says:

If you go to turbos garage they have the ratchet shift trans with boost settings on a tahoe. Pretty cool. All this electronic stuff is way over my head.

Mike Wriska says:

Hey will that work on a megasquirt that’s plug an play on a ford

2Step _Anti_lag says:

I was just researching Arduino boost gauges and stuff today… this is seriously ideal.

Talon 4me says:

Looks like the ticket Matt! I don’t know if you seen my comment a week ago, but I’d love to see you piece together a diy meth kit on a budget. One with a descent pump, and proper hardware. More than just a washer bottle. Maybe someday in your busy schedule, I know you have big plans as of now. Thanks for sharing!

Carl Benz says:

you can buy an electronic boost controller incluiding solenoid valve for 130 bucks on aliexpress.
which i think is expensive for chinese dirt, and not much to it…
either way it’ll probably work with no issues.

Clint Collins says:

Fuckin cool.

Moop Hatcow says:

Throw in retard switch for nitrous and launch control on gm ecm I was reading HP tuners forum and it said you can set some sort of launch control in park/n but its not ideal or responsive enough and may be active while after you’re rolling… Don’t gm ecms have a boost Ctrl solenoid Ctrl #77 c2 what’s wrong with that guy?

justin parks says:

Man i got to start messing with Arduinos. The ease of turning it up and down is awesome, it would be nice if there was an overboost protect. But as stated that adds more BS.

SenselessTuning says:

Switch to a Pierburg 3 port for a budget version. OEM Volvo/Porsche quality for ~$25 without the pigtail. Source pigtail from junkyard, ??? = Profit.

James Holbrook says:

Pretty cool

runesmDK says:

This is an overly complicated bleed valve right now

Goodenough Garage says:

awesome. i bet this would work great for a diy pwm meth injection set up

HO LEE FUK says:

Looks like a power supply 2 a tattoo gun

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