NEJE DIY Large Screen 4-Digit Green LED Electronic Clock Kit (DealExtreme – SKU383449)

Unboxing, organizing and test fitting of components, and then soldering with final assembly.
FAQ: What’s the liquid you’re applying when soldering? It’s liquid flux, and it allows for much easier wetting of the leads and pads with the melted solder. More info here:

Sorry about image quality, but the recorded video was meant for documentation purposes, and not for a YouTube video. I decided to upload it anyway, as the kit was too nice to not share.

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Mobilfaen says:

Needs to be set to countdown and attached to a big barrel….and beeps….. 😀

slicedpage says:

just wondered if you have made or are planning to make a video for beginners to electronic kit making. Along the lines of the basic tools required such as soldering iron type, suitable solder ,which multimeter etc etc . Or maybe just a quick tour of your stuff. It would be interesting.

Серега Панченко says:

бредятина тупая

Choriposter 24/7 says:

maybe you replied to this before, but why do you clean the boards with alcohol

FrankTheCat says:

I just built the red one of these. The board went together quickly and easily– the case, not so much. A couple of the pieces of acrylic were warped pretty badly and I ended up having to make a mess super gluing the front panel on. The clock itself works great, though! Thanks for the link to the English PDF on how to use it.

rickmrickm says:

Nice kit, nice quality, HUGE display, but I can’t figure out 12hr mode… seems to be 24hr mode only, nor do I see temp.
It took me a couple shots to get the case pieces right, too!

suresh babu Vorganti says:

how to buy this kit, send me the link

Mr.Z says:

Anyone know how much the watch gets mAh for 1 hour action? Because I would like to use cell lithium- ion battery to power the watch and I’m curious how much is enough one charge?

Ron Thompson says:

Be careful I just bought that clock,not all those company’s include the case ,mine didn’t come with a case,if you don’t see the case in the add ,don’t assume it comes with one,I did,and mine didn’t come with one

Ron Thompson says:

I do like the kit,and your video was great

Ron Thompson says:

What kind of solder are you using lead or lead free ,and what’s in that bottle .

yusef basraoui says:

where i can get that material ??tnks

Ron Thompson says:

Demux do you no where the four little caps go I no they are marked c for cap ,but there two ceramic caps and two yellow ones,anyone help please

SilkiE says:

your music is terrible

Bruce Woods says:

Cat got your tongue? I hate the music only, needs commentary

Arsenio Dev says:

LOVE the videos, extraoridinarily well-produced. Subbed and will be coming back for more!

Todd Gemmill says:

Thanks for making this video, it was fun to watch. Can you tell me where you picked up those Tech tweezers? I’d like to get a set for myself. Are they #6 Dumont’s ? Tks!

ttcbaby sg says:

HI, any way to convert the dc supply to battery?

max factor says:

what is the liquid that u apply to the joints?

zysis says:

Time to admit in drunken honesty that I’ll never make a circuit board, or have an interest in doing so. I just come here because the music is good and watching this is relaxing for some reason. I blame clocks for bringing me here. I’ll just uh… go back to my corner now.

EDIT Oh and, I love all your vids, I’ve watched them all many times over. Really clean and well presented.

Brian Dos Santos says:

Is it 12 or 24 hour format?

Michael Beeny says:

Interesting, I have just built a similar version of this kit from Bangood. Clearly originating from the same suppler but a number of interesting differences. See my version here, see what you think.

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