How to make DIY third hand tool tutorial, helping hands for soldering electronics projects. 3D printed base with clamps making it easier to work on your projects by holding wires or components in place where you need them.

My 3D files here
I have designed 2 versions. Portable base plate and 4 in a row which have mounting points for your bench or work space

Alligator clips eBay
Coolant Pipe eBay hoses
Base plate
Heat shrink eBay

6 Arm solder station

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Quinten Vermeulen says:

Thank you for making this video. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and I am definitely going to build this.

Levy Wilson says:

Why don’t you have the base for sale on Shapeways? Meh, guess I’ll just buy a chunk of wood and drill it for the base.

Leo Pinewood Lane says:

Damn bro you dont have ONE bad idea ever. <3

Herry Harman says:

Good videos

Dirty Harry says:

Next time, try to use a base, that has some weight and won’t fall over immediately by a light push or atleast can be attached to the table.

Teshire says:

If you filled in the bottom of the centre you could include a sponge for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron.

Ortchi says:

Wow! As someone who, like you, makes alot of things at home with solder this is the perfect thing! I have been looking for something like this for ages! Great video and awesome work!

ΛΝDΗΣΣ says:

looks like Dr. Octopus from spiderman :p

Daniel Hall says:

You deserve so many more subscribers

MsLeboxeur says:

verry nice

edgar ulises miguel amador says:

Es muy buena idea ,gracias

Andres Pioli says:

En argentina por el precio de 4 tubos flexible de esos te compras la tercer mano que es lo mismo que locura los precios de argentina es todo muy caro para un hobista de electronica o maket

Christopher McCandless says:

You are very rich man we are very poor

Ineedsubs Pls says:

Love your videos! Keep up the good work.

AVPHT says:

Great idea but you could add some weight on the 3d printed part desing it with holes that you can fit metal inside them

Robin Storå says:

I just love your channel! 🙂

Eivan Josh Diaz says:

4th liker

doctor sapolini says:

Could you upload your 3dfiles to thingiverse? At least for your patreon supporters, haha!

Frank Chen says:

this dude will probably make a sim race rig building machine next

Sharted Shorts says:

Your content just keeps getting better

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