LAZY SUNDAY: LED electronic clock DIY kit

Just a bit of fun and some careless soldering.

LED clock from Aliexpress –

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FireballXL55 says:

I do silly things like that with electrolytics, I look I check and then put the cap down and pick it up again and put it in the wrong way Doh.

andymouse123 says:

hi first time see your channel ! nice peaceful electronics good luck bud!

Paul Martin says:

Nice video!! That is a very tidy kit. I’d love to hear if that battery does turn out to be rechargeable by the RTC. I know some RTC’s do have that functionality whether or not the battery they sold you was rechargeable. You could test it out in a couple of days to see if it has lost or gained voltage.

— Paul

Really2950 says:

There is GitHub code to reprogram the controller so that it dims better for night time. Tried and tested

max things says:

a pity that you didn’t finish it!

squalazzo says:

what did you use to clean the solder flux at 17:30? 🙂

lotsarats says:

someone flagged your link as bad?

Javier Palla Lorden says:

Nice video and a nice clock.

MrRobertpn says:

I find it so encouraging that other people make mistakes too, David. So thanks for being so candid.

Jules Verne says:

These videos are in my opinion the most professionally done electronics ones on YouTube, always interesting, I can’t wait to see your channel grow even more, I’m loving it! 😀

davedarko says:

That microphone change had quite the effect! Is that an entry level Rhode lav mic?

andymouse123 says:

however bloody lot of hassle for a clock !!!!

Andrew boonAndrewBoon says:

good video they are good clocks made five up to now try the one from banggood bit more soldering to do on tham

a bedbug99 says:

good stuff David, that would have great as a ‘sunday afternoon kit build live stream’, cheers Alan

Lee Jones says:

Watched the video, loved it, ordered one, built it, works great  🙂 Put case on…. broke thermistor :(.

Anyone know the part no to the thermistor please?

Thanks for the video David.

supercheekykiwi says:

Yup that chip was a shit of a thing to put in. Good to see you had as much trouble as me.

Really2950 says:

I’d be very interested to see that clock kit added to a esp8266 for accurate time keeping

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