How To Make Homework Writing Machine at Home

How to Make Homework Machine at home
Learn How to make homework writing and drawing machine at home using Stepper motor.
You can make this type of automatic writing machine at home for all student.This homework hack is useful for your satisfying.
This exam time you can make this cnc homework writing machine

If You Have Any Question About This Writing Machine Programming click on link …

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Software for Writing : Ben box

Material :

2 Pcs Nema 17 Stepper motor

Arduino Uno R3

Expansion Board A4988 Driver

2 PCs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver

Mg90S Metal Gear Servo

Software for Writing :
Ben box

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Exonet • ML and more says:

ᗷᑌᎢ Ꮖ ᗞᝪᑎ’Ꭲ ᕼᗩᐯᗴ ᗯᝪᝪᗞ, ᗩ ᗰᝪᎢᝪᖇ, ᗩ ᑕᝪᗰᑭᗩᔑᔑ… 

ᗰᎩ ᕼᝪᗰᗴᗯᝪᖇᏦ Ꮖᔑ Ꭲᝪᗰᝪᖇᖇᝪᗯ!!

69 Savage says:

Homework? You’re 16 years too late.

tigerbc says:

More like a box making machine going by the restricted linear movement along the two axis. Shame, you have peddle this creative endeavour with lies for views.

The Globgogabgolab says:

you still have to do your homework its not like its doing it for you.

gokul kabi says:

hii broo

Sikandar Jilani says:

I maked it and it work but problem is my handwriting is so bad and its handwriting is so coll…..

adink Lahm says:

just square ??? lol

RandomRobinnnn says:

You realize they already created this..?

It’s called a printer…

Luis Fernando Galeana says:

Smiting 100

Surender Surender says:

Cnc machine

JJ JULES says:

eaven if I would have that machine I still wouldn’t do my homework

sanketa Bhat says:

Itna sab karne se achha khud hi likhle

New Established says:

Plz make one for meeee

Joshki19 says:

If you’re so lazy you do this then you probably regret making this because you put enough effort to where doing homework is easier than thisz

kapil bansal says:

Buy a printer instead of making this ……..And the teacher is also not going believe that the homework is done by the student ………. Although,salute to your logic as well as creativity …..

Mamta Goyal says:

What small thing you are using below A4988 motor driver in CNC.

ludo rock says:

Well, is this made by a Russian or something? I just read the description and it is very poorly written

Ankush Guru says:

OMG! I am going to be more lazy.

Rehan Anwar says:

great technical work… hats off… u r technical….

AbstractDoReMi says:

*_”at Home”_*

Saurabh Anand18699 says:

Great creative mind….

Bon Hitashi says:

Dosent have time to do homework
Has time to build complex robot

Deviant Raccoon says:

This is like an unironic how to basic video

Drain Lo says:

Lies, all it does is draw squares…

Grimm 822 says:

Nice clickbait, all it does is make squares

Jasper Gupta says:

fucking baited

Jac Dawson says:

Watching this video is a waste of time.

puregoldsword says:

You are just encouraging student to be lazy

So i disliked the video

*cuz it is bad*

Harry Pisila says:

As one who has had much experience, this is basically a pen plotter, a horrible device that those of us in the Architecture/Engineering professions used to use to print large format drawings for construction. They were awful!! 45 minutes after starting a plot the pen would clog and stop printing and you had to start over. I shudder at the memory! Today’s roll feed laser printers are a pleasure. Don’t pay any attention to this video. Your desktop inkjet or laser printers are far superior.

James Cooper says:

just go online and ask ppl top do it for you


Chutya sale hum ky pgl hy bhosdiky

Tony Ross says:

Wow AI that solves your homework math problems and writes essays amazing

Afral R says:

How many of u make this

ильяс сатыбалдиев says:


AJ says:

I am too lazy to do my homework…. Let me make a shitty printer real quick

Technology Ghayan in Gujarati says:

Can you courier at my home and what is the price of the machine
And this is the amazing

AJ10 says:

Now I need a machine to make the homework writing machine as I’m too lazy

Akira T says:

Para hacer las mil veces “no debo hacer….”que dejaban los profesores estaría muy bien. porque están hechas a pluma.

Tech Edison says:

People are missing the bigger picture…. This could be quite useful for signatures. It’s like a modern version of that signing machine

Sooryan P Nair says:

make it available in amazon

KZ Imperial says:

By the time they finished building this, I finished my homework

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