How to make DIY electronic drum pads

In this video we will show you how to make drum pads using basic home and hardware store parts. Use them with any of our electronic drum kits; The DKK, The DKKAI or the new DKK Ocho, or a drum controller of your own creation!


Rajthilak Kuppuswamy says:

Can I use a steel plate of 2mm thickness as the base?

BtrayinMF says:

do you still need an arduino with the ocho?

Carol Stevens says:

If you want to use a better material instead of a mouse pad you can use this.

P Jardi says:

Is it possible to make an electronic djembe with this?

Andres Briseño says:

Thank you!!! 😀

roy suherman says:

waow..clear for me now?cos in indonesian?alots of people making like him,but still unclear,cos they only show the thing Arduino and the drum kit,they didnt show how to make the drum kits..make me sick…and thankyou for Spikenzie?ill try to make it thanks

roy suherman says:

Spikenzie some electronic from you please?midi control?

AlexFX says:

Do you ship to South America?

DoramaRx says:

HA the “Wrap It Up” Box from Chapelles Show. Sorry i had to say it. Awesome tut btw

frankyforearmsnycnh1 says:

So by the time you buy all the necessary supplies, it will wind up costing you 10 times the cost of store bought!


you look like frank from the wire season 2

Marlon Dias says:

I’m confused about the piezo disk..
Does it need to be attached to a hard surface to work? Could it be a soft (rubber) surface instead?
What if the metal disk short-circuit the piezo (if it is even possible)?
Great tutorial btw, thanks 🙂

Doern MacDonald says:

do you have a link to by the drum kits?

roy suherman says:

hi Spikenzie,looks like you making alots of small drum,and if you dont mind? can i have some please?i buy? or for free

WaxFang says:

I am planning on making my own e-drum kit. Can I make the pads as big as I want?

AlexFX says:

Really awesome tut, keep it up!

Radical Geek Video Podcast says:

Can this work with a linux?

Bruno Pires Mucheroni says:

So you build this and conect into some hardware in pc, and you have a eletric drum is that it?


Great tips

Scott Sakurai says:

Have you tried this?
• Cut a hole in the board slightly larger than the drum pad. (Maybe half an inch bigger all the way around.)
• Glue a net over the hole. If this isn’t secure enough, use two thin boards with holes, and a net sandwiched between them. (Then you can probably just bolt the two together and skip the glue.)
• Glue the drum pad to the net.

That shouldn’t allow too much vibration to get through, and what does will all be low-frequency.

Rajthilak Kuppuswamy says:

Can I use a steel plate of 2mm thickness as the base?

Ishara Sampath says:

can you please tell what the buttons are connected to tha pin? or great help (drum kit ocho)

Matt McCartney says:

Why don’t you just use lids from cans instead of cutting them yourself ?

James Scobie says:

that’s the easy part. I am struggling to write a sketch. Can you explain that?

Randy Martin says:

Very cool video, I wish you’d shown them in action though, I still have so many questions lol

Ponikore G2 says:

Can I connect this to a pc keyboard? And then mapping in a DAW?

Llinkan says:

this is great, but sensors are velocity compatible? or it’s just an On/Off signal ?

Captain Chunck says:

i love the kit but after looking on your store i found that that Ocho just doesn’t have enough connections i need more than 8 im probably going to end up building my own i have an Arduino mega so iv got plenty of pins to play with i can just use a pcb connect the Piezo to the arduino like in this guide with the Arduino mega i have 15 ports to play with so on top of a standard drum setup I can have things like cowbells and more cymbals

Dark black says:

how to plug in many drum pads in computer? please help! :((((

Noriel Acorda says:

Only thing I’d suggest is a respirator for when it’s time for the Super 77. Spray paint is one thing, but glue in your lungs… eh. Thanks for the video!

eljefito94 says:

Bought a drum kit chip from these guys. $60. Couldn’t get it to work, sent multiple messages for customer support. No response. Fuck these guys. Even if it was a bullshit product, if they had tried to help me I would’ve been ok. The fact that I never got a response is what makes everything shitty. No customer appreciation.

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