How to Make DIY eCymbal Pads from Plastic Plate for Electronic Drums

My simple tutorial video “How to Make DIY e-Cymbal Pads from Plastic Plate for Electronic Drums” with Single zone.
The plate size is suitable for splash cymbals.

Apologize for bad video, bad instruction, bad English (Subtitle), and anything in this video.

Shoot With EOS Canon 70D
Music by me.

Check (English) (Indonesia)

Hope you like this video.
Thanks for wathing ^_^


Septiana Zie says:

Dapet mono female jack nya dimana tuh gan..
kaya nya rada susah

luechai wong says:

สุดยอด คนไทยหรือเปล่าครับ

Leonardo Dito says:

Nice tutorial bro… info donk bro. dapet piezo segitu banyak dari mana?

Tony M says:

Can I ask what drum module you are using?

김진욱 says:

What program do you need to make the drum sounds?
The drum set cant play by its own. Where do i connect the jack?

Ivan MI says:

Thanks for this video,!!!!!!

Roberto Semenzato says:

please quantize this midi song !! 😀

Dân Acoustic Channel says:

What is that app ?

Fariz Wijaya says:

nice Work Bro!!!! hahaah

Daniel castro alejo says:

se puede acer el bombo sin el modulo??

Atox Noviantoro says:

anti spin- stoppernya dapet dimana masbro?

Screwyouguysimgoinghome says:

why not to use the cheapest real cymbals? they will look natural and nice

Anyangas says:

0:50 because safety comes first

alexander julian akbar says:

gan dijual enggak? kalo ada sama set drum buatan sendirinya ^^

ap291 says:

unfortunately, it looks really fucking stupid.

Nouman Nasir says:

How did you generate different sounds?
You directly connected the piezo with female jack? where is the controller/drum module?

Heri says:

sexy feet

tora papilaya says:

piezo nya ukuran brp ohm biasanya.. cari dimana yaa terimakasih videonya yaa Tuhan memberkatimu bro

passtheparcel2007 says:

Nice idea, could do with a larger plate, but the concept is good………………………………..

dippytoot says:

The home made one is less in volume

rat pack says:

super nice not mutch different in attack or feel i think

Anuwat Magnum says:

How do you to tune sound?

Vdrum Tips says:


Galih ramadhan says:

gan,mau tanya dong..itu level suaranya bisa beda tergantung kenceng apa ngk pukulannya,karena tipe piezonya, apa modulnya..makasih udh sharing..

s0nny1nth3r4in000 says:

i cover a normal cymbal with a protective layer, then i paper mache it. after it dries i peel the protective layer off the actual cymbal and i have a paper cymbal which i can attatch a trigger to, but i like to use a mat like in this video

Wanderson Araújo says:

that’s creative!!!

Varibyss13 says:

that was awesome!

shafar ikhsan says:

mas bisa bikinin full set drum nya gak? kira” berapa budget nya ya?

Fabian Cerda says:

Dude, thank you very much!

Galih Naufal says:

kerenn gannn,,

Clatten Strait says:

I’ve got to try this (Awesome)!.

syofyan agung says:

mas kasih tau dong cara membuat dan memproses arduinonya

Alvaro Hernandez says:

Haha that was great

Danilo Maga says:


luechai wong says:

สุดยอด คนไทยหรือเปล่าครับ

Teater Matahari Kopang says:

Nice tutorial.
Like it so much.

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